Manuel Valera Group - Melancolia


After hearing, Cuban pianist's / composer Manuel Valera’s debut “Forma Nueva,” last year, I was in awe with expectation of his next release titled “Melancolia” on Mavo Records. The twenty-something Valera establishes his presence from the inception with his sophomore project “Melancolia.” As the featured artist, his unanticipated surges on the piano serves up a delicious palette of music that’s fused with the elements of Jazz, Latin and Classical. At the moment Valera isn’t a household name nevertheless, after hearing his exuberant piano stylings and inspiring compositions there will no longer be any questions about who he is artistically.   

Manuel Valera’s equanimity as a composer and arranger is astounding fresh, with each defined stroke of the key you’ll find his talent simply invigorating! If you dig Latin Jazz, intertwined with continuity and savvy contemporary flavors that’s embroidered with the discipline of classical artistry then the Manuel Valera Group will definitely take you on a compelling musical journey that you’ve been waiting for!




The Players are: Seamus Blake ~ Saxophone, Ben Street ~ Bass, Antonio Sanchez ~ Drums, Luis Quintero ~ Percussion and Manuel Valera ~ Piano.


Total Tracks – 12


1.      De Un Pajaro Las Dos Alas

2.      Alibi

3.      Yesterday’s Song

4.      Intro to Prelude

5.      Prelude in C’ Minor

6.      Hidden

7.      O Melancolia

8.      Peregrinations

9.      While She Sleeps

10.  Or Not

11.  Interlude

12.  Astorish

13.  La Otra Mano


Total Spin Time – 73:30


Melancolia was produced and arranged by Manuel Valera for Mavo Records, © 2004


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