Jeff Bradshaw ~ Bone Deep


Peep this folks the word is out the latest gem from Hidden Beach Recordings is on the your way by trombonist Jeff Bradshaw, the Philadelphia (the emerging soul Mecca) native anchors himself firmly, an wrapped in deep the roots of Black American music with his debut recording entitled Bone Deep. In high demand these days, Jeff’s rep as a sideman has enabled him to pool his resources therefore; gathering an impressive list of who’s who in R&B and Hip-Hop’s mega stars to expressively accent the flavor of Bone Deep.

 The Players: Vocals by Jill Scott, Glenn Lewis, N’Dambi, Bilal, Floetry, Carol Riddick, and Darius Rucker. Bassist Gerald Veasley and of course Jeff Bradshaw’s enormous writing, arranging, bone-popping & sliding talents. 

Okay, scoot over everyone and make a little room for sista Jill Scott! She takes the lead with her sassy charm and wit lending her vocal stylings to “Slide”, scatting away purring soulful vocalesse into your spirit featuring Jeff Bradshaw’s growling boneology which is slow, precise and deliberate with intensity making this a satisfying beginning! The baritone voice of Jeff’s bone sets the tone creating a new standard in R&B and Hip-Hop therefore; providing a lush arrangement with jazz flavored sensibilities.  

“The Bone is Back” drops in momentarily with honey dipped rhythmic harmonies filled with Jeff’s scatting bonisim matched only by the tells of a broken heart soul on a cut called Lookin’ featuring Jeff’s vocal impression of Roger Trautman layered by synthesized trombone solos. Jeff continues to chant vocally with “Guess You’ll Never Know”, as he keeps the stew simmering slowly, stirring up a preview of his vocal talents. 

Another brief encounter with “The Bone is Back” takes place followed by a guest appearance by bassist Gerald Veasley on “I’ll Always Love You”. This breezy selection is one of many appetizing offerings by Bradshaw; with his bone in hand; he slides and glides seamlessly with his voice in filled with hypnotic poetry. Gerald’s rapid bass solos flows into the lower register are heaven sent wrapped with Jeff’s boneology takes us on a soulful journey exploring the intricate qualities of Bone Deep. 

“Beyond The Stars” draws you in immediately with the voice of Glenn Lewis; surprisingly Lewis accurately captures the purity of Stevie Wonder’s mesmerizing voice eloquently. Jeff’s understanding of his instrument continues to glisten with affluent inventiveness serving up a near perfect dose of hippest.  

At the 8th position is apiece called “Soul of The Bahia”. Jeff’s passions for jazz summons you into an engaging foot tappin’ and head boppin’ samba dripped with the honey suckle flavorings of the Caribbean.  

“Beautiful Day” features vocalists and rapologist Floetry, the duo glides smoothly into a sensuous mid-tempo groove coupled by Jeff’s hip grappin’ and mind boggling bone solos bridged over the top pulsating beats are bound to have you return for another listen. 

Bradshaw’s bone creeps into the pulse of smoothness complimented by the vocalesse of Carol Riddick on “Can You Come Over”. Now that they have, your attention Jeff solo pulls you into Carol’s velvety smooth voice engaging in a cauldron of voice, bone and rhythmic foreplay. 

“Miss Celie’s” comes right out of the scrapbook of the soundtrack Color Purple featuring the dynamic voice of N’Dambi, (ole suga, come on now bring on the blues baby girl)! Again, Jeff’s bone pours out soulful and heart stopping moans and groan’s re-creating a near perfect atmosphere of the juke joint blues at the Sugar Shack! 

Jeff handles his business with a taste of irresistible funk by James Brown titled “Make It Funky” featuring Bilal vocally. Without a doubt this rendition is magical on the set of Bone Deep! Jeff pays homage too a gentleman that sits firmly at the in the second position next too his Dad in his list of musical influences is trombonist Fred Wesley, there’s no doubt Mr. Wesley is smilin’ with an abundance of gratitude with this tribute (ain’t nothin’ like a funky JB Horns partay!).  

After encountering of the utmost funkified deliverance from the previous track, Jeff slows the groove tastefully with hints of the Mizell Brothers production from the 70’s with Donald Byrd like harmonies on a cut titled “On My Way”. This tune is sweet, it fits anytime of day perfectly; it’s warm with a heaping scoop of delicious melodies!  

The Bone is Back (reprise) returns with sequenced beatbox attitude. Jeff turns too his upbringing swinging with the Gospel classic “Swing Low”, yes, this moment of remembrance takes him back home rejoicing in the spirit of the Lord! Next up vocalist, Darius Rucker lends his vocal prowess too “Yesterday” (why today remind me of yesterday, have some harmony and lets make a change) Darius keeps it lyrically tight! 

Jeff Bradshaw’s debut “Bone Deep” magically floats through the passages of time with heartfelt and spirited tonality, he’s created a seductive overture of mesmerizing melodies and harmonies steeped in the brew of his heritage. Jeff’s sound is lyrically creative therefore; his voice is vital, a welcome imprint in the body of today’s music. Jeff Bradshaw listen too his vibrant voice and remember his name, Bone Deep is most definitely one of the coolest joints of 2003! 

Recommended to and for the musically diverse. 



*Release date October 28th, 2003