Deep Pocket Theory is an exciting new and independently produced trio from southern California! Their debut record titled, “Punk-Funk, in-the-pocket, acid-jazzed, Boogaloo.” is irrefutably one of the most unusual titled projects I’ve seen to date. Deep Pocket Theory’s music is blessed with a comprehensive mix of soulful grooves, driven by a phat dose of attitude & charisma that dwells in close affiliation with the rawness of jazz and non-censored funk that transports you back in time with their refreshingly potent old school vibes! Who is DPT? Interestingly, DPT gives a brief description of who they are as a group …“We are here to save the world from bad guys in our off time; you see Tony is Superman, Gary is Batman, and Dave is Dave, man.” As you can see, these guys are tooooooo much …

 The Players are: Tony Palos ~ keys, Dave Senft ~ drums & Gary Short ~ bass, Produced by Gary Short for Nylad Records © 2004 

Out the box, Deep Pocket Theory quickly establishes their presence with a swinging and pulsating groove penned by bassist Gary Short, titled “WunTuffCookee.” Keyboardist Tony Palos is well schooled in the origins of old jazz and groove. This guy works the Hammond B-3 with forcefulness and proficiency! 

Let’s Eat,” is strictly from the archives of old school grooves with strong hints of James Brown written into the script by bassist Gary Short. This track could easily be the signature song for the trio, considering their sense of humor and ability to jam will bring a wealth of joy to your listening experience with each spin.   

Bassist Gary Short pens, the next selection titled “Happy To Be Here,” is a slanted to down-tempo direction. “Happy To Be Here,” is also on the jazzier side of this wondrous collection of tangible music. On this track, the cohesiveness of the trio glitters with the expertise of veteran musicians, which confirms they’re passion and appreciation for jazz.  

At this point, DPT slips back in time and adds their twist to Herbie Hancock’s, fusion classic “Chameleon.” Yes, these guys are actually covering a jam that a lot of bands will perform in a live setting, but somehow never makes it to the recording studio. Hmmm, DPT breaths life into my theory of why artist should consider covering quality jazz tunes instead of wearing out pop and r&b songs (I know wishful thinking on my behalf?) that might or not be played on radio! 

Which Hand is It?” Mr. Short has an innate ability for scoring intense, yet descriptive tunes. As a result they’re punctual and irresistible music to devour! 

Most jazz enthusiasts that I know, at some point in their travels have heard (like it or not) the next selection titled “Tutu,” which was written by Marcus Miller and originally recorded by jazz legend Miles Davis on the album of the same title. DPT, handles they’re business by covering this classic track with gusto and the undeniably infectious rhythms are relentless and surprisingly fresh!   

DTB absolutely burns on the next cut titled, “Boogie Stop Shuffle,” which was penned by legendary jazz bassist Charles Mingus. Yep, this tune fits perfectly into the scope of their personality as a unit. “Boogie Stop Shuffle,” is groovin’, uplifting and just plain fun to listen to.  

 Another One for The Bait Bucket,” bassist Gary Short scores another enticing tune, which brings closure to this eight-song adventure. This selection confirms that Short’s writing and arranging skills deserves applause for his diligence as a composer and arranger for this project. 

Deep Pocket Theory consciously takes you on a musical homage that embraces the qualities of old-school, funk-fueled, and rhythmic head bobbing grooves titled, Punk-Funk, in-the-pocket, acid-jazzed, Boogaloo.” The aura of these indelible groove masters makes this journey an enjoyable listen. DPT, works well for me considering they’re playing music with enthusiasm they sincerely love without sounding pretentious and noticeably animated in the process. If you’re looking for a inimitable music alternative, then please if you will, “do yo ears a flavor,” and check out this dynamo trio that’s based somewhere (?) in southern Callie, called Deep Pocket Theory!  




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