“When music speaks a global language, the barriers disappear …”

 This is unquestionably a prophetic statement by Columbus, OH native and tenor saxophonist Keith Newton. Newton, like many of his comrades has been playing saxophone “since the age of 10, he also played thru high school and then college, and he graduated from Ohio State and his first professional gig was as a middle school music director.”   

Out of the shrink-wrap, Newton debuts with his commercial debut titled “Feelin’ Groovy.Keith Newton makes his case from the very first note on the opening track “Groove 4U.Newton’s tenor horn’s tonality is absolutely rich and vibrant! At a moment’s notice, his smooth tone breathes deep and blazing nuances into the cold steel creating an inviting atmosphere for the listeners to inhabit themselves into it with each lingering note. 

Other than performing, Newton seriously engages in the following activities: web developer and technical consultant.” Keith’s talent is obviously in high demand over his career because of the diverse musical landscape that he navigates thru the corridors of who’s, who in the music business with the likes of “Blessed Union of Souls, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Matthews Cover Band, Michael Wolff, TS Monk, The Afro-Rican Ensemble and a smoothjazz group called Aftermath. “ Now, we have a vertical view of Keith Newton musical persona, his light should glow with enthusiasm as a gifted and promising new player on the smoothjazz scene therefore, we can expect even greater things from him musically in the future.  




Total Tracks – 10


  1. Groove 4U
  2. Hey Jill, How Do You Like Me Now
  3. And Only …
  4. Since You Seem So Far Away
  5. You Should B My Girlfriend
  6. Shock The World
  7. Ooh You (The Bubble Bath Song)
  8. All I Need is You
  9. My Song
  10. Let Us Live and Love


Total Spin Time – 42:36

All Songs written and Produced by Keith Newton for Keith R. Newton © 2004


Visit Keith Newton’s web space: http://www.newtonsgroove.com/


Listen to and purchase here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/keithnewton