The music career of Portland, Oregon native Jeff Lorber continues to flourish into his 25th year of recording a catalog of compelling music for fans to enjoy. He’s given us everything from the jazz-fusion vibe to R&B and most currently smoothjazz. In the New Year Lorber returns by taking us on a sensuous urban musical journey that will definitely please his smoothjazz audience and possibly disappoint others along the way with his latest project titled “Flipside” on Narada Jazz.


The Players: John Roberts ~ drums, Nelson Jackson – synth-bass and additional keyboards, Lenny Castro – percussion, David Mann ~ saxophones and horn arrangements, Paul Jackson Jr. ~ guitar, Steven Dubin –bass, Victor Lawrence ~ cello, Robbie Nevil – guitar, Gary Meek ~ tenor saxophone, Ron King ~ trumpet, Eric Wall ~ guitar, Alex Al ~ bass, Andrea Martin ~ background vocals and Jeff Lorber ~ piano, keyboards, Rhodes piano, wa guitar, Wurlitzer piano, Produced by Steven Dubin and Jeff Lorber, © 2005 Narada Records


As one of the music industry’s most respected musicians Jeff Lorber continues to play a pivotal role in the smoothjazz genre; his trademark sound is undoubtedly and fundamentally in tack. However, his latest offering “Flipside” is quite frankly in the same ballpark of familiarity as his previous projects. Now, that’s obviously not bad for those that desire similarity. What’s most pleasing to me is the fact that the music is all original and that there are no covers or vocals on  Flipside”, in all due respect this could be worth the price of admission.


No doubt, Jeff’s grooves are certainly tight throughout “Flipside”. The talented first call players on hand nailed every track as expected.  As I listen to these hip radio friendly urban flavored grooves I can only imagine that Lorber has indeed fulfilled his goal with the music composed for the “Flipside”.


Please understand if you will that there are still thousands of folks from back in the day that cherished the sweet and zesty fusion vibes by Lorber on such notable records like Soft Space, Water Sign, and Wizard Island etc. These jams had a profound impact on the souls of fusion lovers everywhere. Yes, there was and still is hope for a revival of Lorber’s music to become more daring and rejuvenating in the future, (his music can still be accessible with this content) after all he’s got the skills to do it. Unfortunately this didn’t happen with the music on “Flipside” at least not for me. Apparently Jeff Lorber enjoys the fruits of success as being a prominent voice and leader of smoothjazz genre, with this in mind this concept fits perfectly into the mold of why so many of his beloved fans are smiling with every stroke on the keys with the music on the “Flipside”.  





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