Woe and behold after listening too “You’ve Got to Find Your Own Groove” by the dynamic band from Boston Mass called Boston Horns, their sound immediately transported me into orbit back in time and place when bands jammed with the emphasis on tight horns, funky beats, solid grooves and luscious melodies. There’s no doubt that the talented bookends trumpeter/vocalist/producer Garret Savluk along with longtime band mate Henley Douglas Jr. saxophonists extraordinaire comes to play with hook, line and sinker ready to turn up the heat to get the partay started! The city of Boston and neighboring cities and states throughout the northeast US are blessed to have this gem performing in they’re region for the last 10 years previously known as the Heavy Metal Horns which Savluk also founded before becoming the Boston Horns.


The Players: Henley Douglas Jr. ~ tenor, flute and vocals, Garret Savluk ~ trumpet & lead vocals, Jeff Buckridge ~ guitar, Peter Maclean ~ drums, Dave Wolfberg ~ bass, Mike Dansereau ~ organ & piano with guest appearances by Sam Kinninger ~ alto sax (tracks 2, 4, &7), Yahuba ~ congas (tracks 2, 3, & 6) and “Big” Ben Hillman ~ keyboards (tracks 1, 2, & 4) Produced by Garret Savluk © 2004


Out of the box the first track “In the …” blends right into “Pink” the second selection that features the blistering horn duo of Savluk and Douglas. To my surprise Boston Horns smokes like clockwork precision much like Tower of Power, as a group they magnetically gel while serving up a tasty buffet of jazz, funk!


Boston Horns steps into another groove of unadulterated jazz and funk with a cut called “Speedball” the horns in sync are linked too the choppin guitar licks of Jeff Buckridge. Organist Mike Dansereau glides in workin’ the Hammond B3 as he stirs up the jar of bonafide funk-groove-n-jazz, as any connoisseurs of great music would do given the opportunity they come too play!


“You’ve got to Find Your Own Groove” finds a seat in the 4th spot with a deliberately slow paced sneaky kind of funk groove, now with your head bobbin’ and feet tapping in sequence as the boys in the band chants “ain’t nothing too it just find your groove and do it (repeat), no matter what they say are do you’ve got to find your own groove (this chant reminds me of Steve Harvey & Cedric The Entertainer on the Steve Harvey Show when they would do their skit about Harvey’s band)! As I hear it Boston Horns has spent a significant amount of time rehearsing for this project, which says a lot about their passion for the music. Special guests Big Ben Hillman works the keys in trademark fashion like nobodies business with quest alto sax-man Sam Kinninger helping out Savluk and Douglas in all-inclusive funk driven harmony!


The band continues their homage too the groove with “Love Will Slip Up You”, Savluk lends his voice saying, “You better watch out who you give that love too”. The band is definitely full of surprises and energy to boot, I’m lovin’ this old school groove!


“Blues for Ben” features the talented Mike Dansereau once again on the Hammond B3, there’s something special about hearing the B3, maybe because there’s partay in progress. Funky horns and crisp guitar chops accents this feel good jam session.


Boston Horns are so kind to add a “Live” bonus track to the cd that’s untitled, which is just fine with me after all its still great music. It’s evident that the band has flawless energy in this live setting; as a result the seam rises and begins to resonate in the cockpit of the center stage. Now, the guys in the band seizes the opportunity spiraling in motion by exploding into a jazz- funk-n-groove altitude giving the audience exactly what they’ve come to expect when they hear Boston Horns.


After indulging in a taste of jazz-funk-n-groove called “You’ve got to Find Your Own Groove” by the charismatic Boston Horns, I’ve become fascinated by the redeeming qualities that they possess as a band; simply they’re first and foremost musicians, musicians. I applaud founder Garret Savluk and partner in music Henley Douglas Jr for delivering exuberant and funky music over the years and continuing right into the new millennium. They’re music undeniably strong, multifaceted as players that have more than enough creative juices and energy too satisfy most seasoned music lovers. They no doubt come too play; I’m looking forward to hearing serving of high impact grooves from Boston Horns!




q       Visit Boston Horns web space here: www.bostonhorns.com

q       Listen too and purchase their music at this link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bostonhorns3