Maurice Brown - Hip To Bop

Harvey, IL native and trumpeter Maurice Brown glows with enthusiasm on his splendid debut album titled “Hip To Bop.Brown’s early influences of jazz and blues were shaped by his parent’s love and passion for music, which was also enhanced by his uncle, the resident blues musician. “Hip To Bop,” inhabits the uniqueness of tradition jazz, yet painted with reviving strokes of modernisms to satisfy purist and non-purist alike. The opening track “Rapture,” is indeed a boppers delight, as the twenty-something trumpeter burns with fast and furious tonality of a veteran player. “It’s a New Day,” the second selection on “Hip To Bop,” Brown carefully intertwines the elements of “contemporary” with his artistic voice into this selection. On the breathtaking “Mi Amor,Brown extracts each note brilliantly coupled with his passion for melody and ballads beams. Ironically, this captivating piece touches an intimate place in my heart after all my daughter’s name is also Mi Amor.  

Although he’s still a youngster, Maurice Brown has garnered an enormous among respect in the jazz community from Chicago, to New Orleans (possibly world-wide). His voice transcends age with an abundance of talent and maturity in the new millennium. Accompanied by the expertise of his noble personnel, they compliment his arrangements by wrapping their own creative voicings into them. I’m appreciative to have met the voice of Maurice Brown and I’m undoubtedly looking forward to another engaging set of memorable music on his next offering.


The Players are: Derek Douget ~ tenor sax, Doug Bickel ~ piano/b-3 & wurly, Jason Stewart ~ bass, Adonis Rose ~ drums, Bill Summers ~ percussion (track II) and Maurice Brown ~ trumpet.


Total Tracks – 12


1.      Rapture

2.      It’s a New Day

3.      Mi Amor

4.      Conceptions

5.      Anazao

6.      Hip To Bop

7.      Look Ma No Hands

8.      A Call For All Angels


Total Spin Time – 45:20


All Songs written and Produced by Maurice Brown for Brown Records © 2004