There are a lot of folks that continues to criticize the music industry, radio and even artists themselves for the lack of contemporaryjazz/funk recordings that is “somewhat difficult” to find these days. A new day has emerged as I introduce you too this dynamic new saxophonist named Chris “Ce Ge” Greene from Evanston, IL. Greene’s second offering titled “Jazz” borrows from the elements of his many influences that contains liberal doses of funk-n-jazz grooves that’s anchored by his exceptionally talented band mates New Perspective. 


The Players: Damian Espinosa ~ keyboards, Vic Jackson ~ electric bass, Andrew “Blaze” Thomas ~ drums and Chris “Ce Ge” Green ~ saxophones. Produced by Chris Greene, Co-Produced by Nick Eipers and Matt Denny for Cee Gee Music2004.


As the journey begins to unfold New Perspective collectively wraps themselves into essence of the groove with the charismatic” Good Riddance”. Chris and the boyz dwell within the nucleus of jazz, funk and groove by breathing an aura of freshness into their music with each grueling solo therefore resurrecting contemporary jazz, as we know it.


What I find exciting about New Perspective is their live sound with each composition that’s entrenched in this recording called “Jazz”; I don’t know about you this is imperative when it comes to listening too jazz. There’s nothing-cheesy or overtly commercial going on here, they’re very much at the heart of contemporaryjazz/funk. “Adamantium” is on point with adventurous solos that are radiant and the interplay is simply flawless. 


At the 3rd spot is a track called “Consider The Source”, Chris Greene with his cold steel in hand draws your attention to the beginning of this intimate setting as his voice threads the nettle with expressive, soulful and inspiring notes of excellence. Keyboardist Damian Espinosa masterfully works the Rhodes piano by enunciating each note with absolute perfection. Bassist Vic Jackson leaps in with his funky slap technique demonstrating why he’s one of the most in demand musicians in the Windy City when it comes to performing with internationally known acts.


The prowess of Greene as the leader of New Perspective continues to thrive with spontaneity on the track titled “Fat Stuff” which by the way strengthens the body of the compositional structure throughout this project.  As noble statesmen New Perspective takes charge by being actively involved in assuring that each composition soars with creativity and constancy.


Now living in Chicago the prominence of Greene as a saxophonist is the tour-de- force behind his compositions that said, as a vehicle his bands presence here is vital and continues shine humbly with proficiency on “Core of Vitality”. On this piece you can definitely feel the groove of this tailor-made funk and jazz layered by the hooks of familiarity, colors and phrases. At the 5:40 mark you began to recognize why drummer Andrew “Blaze” Thomas got his nickname, he’s without a doubt on fire, after all he’s under the influence of such notables like Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Louie Bellson, Gene Lake and John Blackwell.


The artistry of Damian Espinosa continues to glisten with the eloquence and proficiency of such influential pianist as Hancock, Corea, and Tyner. They’re voices seemly intercedes but never overtakes the wealth of talent and imagination that Espinosa possesses as player on the opening of the final selection titled “Take Care of Yourself”. Greene’s lyrical phrasing pours out a more then sufficient dose of energetic and compelling notes of passion. Espinosa returns once again as his probing fingers effortlessly caresses the keys as if he’s taking a stroll in the park soon engaging in dialogue with bassist Vic Jackson. Vic skillfully solos in the lower register calling upon drummer Thomas to enhance this expressive masterpiece. One of the most compelling attributes about Chris and the gang is that they’re young in age nevertheless, their maturity, gifts and talent speaks extensively in the language of jazz.


Yes, if you dig contemporaryjazz/funk then” Jazz” by Chris “Ce Ge” Greene and New Perspective aggressively picks up where some old school players left off with a voice that’s filled with passion and conviction for playing their music. As a result they’re refueling contemporaryjazz with much-needed boost energy by producing exuberant non-manufactured music that’s giving contemporaryjazz/funk a glimmer of optimism for now and in the future. Independent and forward thinking artists are evolving in the new millennium by straying away from the cube that oppresses creativity, thanks too musicians like Chris “Ce Ge” Green and New Perspective for staying true to the music.



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