Steve Weingart “Life Times Vol1”


In today’s homogenized musical landscape, it’s refreshing to hear the creative voice of keyboardist Steve Weingart. Steve’s debut “Life Times Vol1” isn’t typical by any means; Steve’s creative energy is fused by innovation that’s focused on the essence of Groovology peppered with plethora salty ingredients. Weingart’s musical exploration’s divided by a diverse palate over the years has firmly placed him in good company on two recordings (“Transition & Perpetual Motion”) with jazz/fusion drummer Dave Weckl. 

Steve’s influences are (Hancock, Corea, Zawinul, Tyner and Garland) these jazz masters are pivotal in his musical direction as an up and coming leader in the world of contemporary jazz/fusion.  

The Players: Robben Ford & Ted Karas ~ Guitar, Hussain Jiffry ~ Bass (All Tracks) & Vocals on “Storylines & Life Times”, Chad Wright ~ Drums, Satnam Ramgotra ~ Tabla on “MarketPlace”, Cassio Duarte ~ Conga & Bongos on “Life Times”, Gary Meek ~ Soprano Sax on “Love Me”, Renee Jones (Steve’s wife) ~ Vocals on “Not Without You & Storylines”, Horn Section: on “Five Mile Groove, Phrase Factor and Jimmy’s Groove” ~ Jerry Hey & Gary Grant ~ Trumpet, Andy Martin ~ Trombone, Brandon Fields ~ Saxophone and Steve Weingart ~ Keyboards, Piano, Producing and Composing all tracks except for “Love Me” by Renee Jones. 

The impressive opener “Five Mile Groove” sets the pace of this propelling 10-track set with the burning horn section featuring Hey, Grant, Martin, and Fields, these cats keeps the groove in tact from the word go. “Five Mile Groove” is accented by the guitar wizardry of Robben Ford as he does what he does so very well lay down some tasty chops! 

Marketplace” resembles overtures from a global music excursion; the influences of Joe Zawinul are present with strong percussive elements and mid-eastern qualities on a rampage fused with a heavy dose of mind-boggling grooves.  

Coming in at the next spot is apiece called “Not Without You” featuring the lovely voice of Steve’s wife Rene Jonese; she quietly enters the space as the sentiments of rock guitar stylings by Ted Karas adds color with a slight edge. The melody is crisp and clear, and cleverly arranged passages by keyboardist Weingart. 

Back Seat Driver”, churns up the heat with Robben Ford’s bluesy guitar licks coupled by drummer Chad Wright ‘s appearance kicks into overdrive taking a bite out of this tenacious tail-spinning jazz/fusion! 

The flavor of jazz/fusion continues to shift gears in forward motion with a cut titled “Phrase Factor”; this piece captures the mindset of the legendary keyboardist Chick Corea perfectly. The stellar cast of talented musicians trade solos executing with precision riding the tidal wave of jazz/fusion effortlessly.  

Storylines”, collides with imbedded atmospheric textures overlapping a ripple effect of chanting vocals by Hussain Jiffry and Renee Jones surpasses melodically while engaging with spontaneity of sonic atmospheric qualities. 

The arrangement of the title track (“Life Times Vol1”) can be a tad bit tricky, however, this time around Weingart’s strategy works wonders as the combination of voice (Hussain Jiffry) interwoven with hybrid instrumentation re-defining the laws of gravity.  

Jimmy’s Groove” is all about the business of jammin’, horns are in place with in your face kind of groove non-stop probing rhythms bridging the gap linked to the ecstasy of jazz/fusion, and funk!   

Steve Weingart turns to the page of musical intimacy with a tune titled “A Short Letter”, Weingart solos painlessly flips each note with and endearing quality measure by only the recipient on this selection. “A Short Letter” melts seamlessly into the last track on “Life Times” titled “Love, Me” written by Steve’s talented wife Renee Jones featuring the voice of Gary Meek on the soprano sax drawing you into surreal beauty with the assurance of love, peace and tranquility. 

 “Life Times Vol1”by Dayton, Ohio native Steve Weingart has been a rewarding listening experience for me, it’s musicians like this that revive the spirit of quality music by being true to their art, Steve has profoundly do so eloquently. With a click of the mouse here’s the opportunity too listen ( and discover for yourself the mastery of Weingart’s playing and compositional stylings, don’t miss out on the artistry of keyboardist Steve Weingart!