Peter Muller / M-Vibez

According to what I’ve heard from bassist and multi-instrumentalist Peter Muller so far, is that he clearly understands that by sculpting the elements of jazz plus the variables of funk equals a probing fusion sound called M-Vibez. As a musician, Peter’s has scored and produced an amazingly funky new project on his own record label qualifying him as an innovator while engaging in the reality of ownership. M-Vibez is an expression of Peter Muller’s musical persona, listen closely and discover a provocatively funky new voice in today’s jazz.  

The Players: Peter Muller ~ Lead & Background Bass Guitar, Synths, Samples & FX, Drum, Percussion and Guitar programming, Vocoder & Vocals, Frank Mead ~ Alto, Soprano sax and flute, Christian Kappe ~ Trumpet, Tobias Neumann ~ Rhodes & Organ Licks, Steve Weiters ~ Guitar, Oliver Spanuth ~ Drum Samples & Cymbals, Florian Poser ~ Vibes, Muhammed Paul ~ Synth Pad, and Ulie Rode ~ Acoustic Guitar 

Muller comes out of the box with a tight funk laced groove entitled “Trigger” (for Marcus) you immediately get the jest where Peter Muller is going musically with straight in your face Miller style funk. Muller’s slap technique is used in full force assuring you that he’s about the business of the groove. His sidemen adapt by anchoring these funk-dipped grooves with trumpet solos by Christian Kappe and Tobias Neumann’s Rhodes and organ stimulates the mood on the jazzy tip. 

“Kasbah” is the second track opening with percussive fragments programmed by Muller; soon his slap technique gives you a clue that the groove is about to begin. Consider the Englishman’s influences musically Mark King of Level 42, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke the evidence is clear cut and darn right funky to the bone! 

The next track is called “Pretty Hot and Tempting /Phat”; Peter walks the bass slow sliding up and down the fret (also using the vocoder) Neumann’s keys accents the interlude of what is to be another MM inspired groove. The band drops in giving up they’re individual dose of groove making this a hip appetizing jazz flavor to savor between listens.  

Mauritius” changes directions by slowing down the tempo showing the more melodic side of his qualities as a songwriter. After listening to “Mauritius” you might do a double take simply because the track is nice but doesn’t necessarily gel with the previous tracks. 

A chanting monk voice intercedes at the intro of “Eastbound” soon seduced by percussive beats and the vamping yet rapacious bass licks by Muller! Eastbound is a bass lovers delight that’s if you’re into slap funk grooves, the enchanting monk voice blends perfectly adding cohesive textures and flavors. 

Lounge Creepers” at the interlude and extended version melted together at the 6th & 7th position on the cd. Muller’s homey and label-mate saxophonist Frank Mead coupled with an appearance by vibe wizard Florian Poser creeps in with an intense solo smoothing the ruff edges of the groove keepin’ the flavor of jazz in sync.   

Peter’s versatility is a pleasant surprise as found here on “I’ll Be There”; again, Muller turns to the softer side of his musical repertoire. Saxophonist Frank Mead offers the warmth that one would expect to hear from a seasoned saxophonist. 

M-Vibez” the title track steps in at the 9th spot and of course, as you would imagine Muller turns it up. Kappe plays flugelhorn here adding a fresh voice layered with noticeable jazz textures calling you the listener in for a short visit. 

Out of the three mid-tempo tracks on “M-Vibez”, I found “After You’ve Gone” penned by Muller and Neumann most appealing. Hmmm, maybe because Muller not only solos eloquently he opts to use Neumann on the piano giving this composition a jazzier tone along with an intimate feel to this particular piece.  

Peaceful World” concludes this set of eleven tasty gems with Muller playing all instruments including the Vocoder & Vocals, as he welcomes us to his place a Peaceful World.  

Peter Muller, is consistent throughout M-Vibez with the pulse of his creative voice he has accurately tapped into the fusion of Jazz, Funk, Soul, R & B, Hip Hop, and Latin Vibes making “M-Vibez” and enjoyable and challenging listening experience for those of you that are seeking a refreshing alternative to the mainstream called M-Vibez! 

Recommended for music lovers with a passion for funk everywhere!