Its like this, if you’ve been craving for a taste of “live” music that’s creative, innovative and influenced by the retro styles of legendary artist like Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, and Bob Marley then welcome to the ingenious world of “Green Light” and their latest recording titled “My Experiments with Groove”. From the onset the “Trios” fusion sound infiltrates your mindset with rock solid grooves that taps into the pulse of poetic rawness that sonically fells the void for a gamut of independent thinkers and music lovers alike.


The Players: Drummer ~ Adam Snow, Bassist ~ Dustin Hofsess, and Guitarist Kevin Gill.


For the curious minds the trio keeps a ridged groove in sync with drummer Adam Snow and bassist Dustin Hofsess, soon thereafter guitarist Kevin Gill joins in with his incisive lyrical approach on the opening track titled “Expansions”. They slowly inflict a scrumptious array of auspicious chops with compassion that bands together this unit into one grueling fusion expedition.


“Where’s the love? II” by Gill is anchored by his brothers in arms that in time dabbles into a source of inspirational voicings that swerves and rocks with vibrant yet funky beats suggests their ability to flawlessly interact together as one. 


Bassist Hofsess serves up a tasty score with “Choopie’s Theme”. The trio doesn’t waste a moment’s notice by interceding with precise and enthralling solos when called upon delivery sheer perfection with each aspiring note of energy.


“Betty Lou” drops in as a short and funky interlude at the 4th spot featuring Gill’s crisp guitar licks, as his band mates consciously invokes byte-size solos that leaves the listener wanting a tad bit more. 


Dustin Hofsess fingers roam the body of his bass as he rumbles into the familiar undercurrents of groove with “Belly Dance”. And then guitarist Gill chimes in with a ravishing spirit as a soloist in pursuit of satisfying the adventuring intimacies of this composition.     


“My Experiments in the Key of Green” is an interlude piece, which leans into the marriage of title track “My Experiments with Groove”. This is yet another composition penned by Gill, here with his axe in hand he unleashes with authority while under the influences of Jimi Hendrix bringing absolute wonder to this profoundly imaginative composition. There’s no doubt this is one of my favorite tracks on the recording.


In the 8th spot is a cut called “Essentially” another interlude piece of sort here, it happens to be in a somber state compared to the previous piece which is refreshing change of pace.


A cut titled “Birdwave” written by Jimmy McGriff falls right into the next spot. At the beginning and into the conclusion the trio is suspended in flight with another Hendrix influenced arrangement sounding somewhat like the Band of Gypsies with traces of Buddy Miles funk at the core.


Apparently Green Light has a fondness for short & sweet musical episodes interlinked throughout the project that enhances the character of their music; “Breathe Deep in The Rising Sun” stays well atoned to the configuration of the music.


“7Th Street Strut” arrives at the 11th spot diving deep into the elements of the groove while heavily glazed with the sobering rock infused attributes of Green Light.


The title here … “I wave my skinny arms like a tall flower in the wind” is another appetizing interlude by the Trio that’s fitting being that it’s fused with a genuine dose of acid rock.


The final selection flirts with the sentiments of the opening track, this one’s called “When I’m Quiet, We Hear Music”. I can very well embrace this concept as the trio travels its boundless course of creativity bringing this 75 plus minute of exuberant musical landscape to a tasteful end.


After listening too this organic fusion excursion by Green Light, I soon realized how out of touch I’ve become with the in-depth mysteries of fusion music. “My Experiments with Groove” by Green Light lends itself compositionally to the rock edge after all I’ve never called it jazz it’s without a doubt pure fusion. Kudos to this dynamic trio of musicians, what I dig most about Green Light is that they are passionate about their music, they qualify as promising musicians and composers that can surely enrich the lives of those that populate the fabric of progressive music called “Green Light”.




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