After listening too Ramon Valle’s relentless piano stylings one immediately recognizes the Trio’s appetite for a serving of jazz that’s sparkled with Cuban rhythmic flavorings topped with a phat scoop of well-seasoned jazz improvisation making his current offering “No Escape” is a noteworthy project that expresses a more than adequate measure of Valle’s vast repertoire as a pianist and composer.


The Players:  Omar Rodriguez Calvo ~ Bass, Liber Torriente ~ Drums  & Ramon Valle ~ Piano. High Note Records © 2004


Ramon’s focus as a pianist and composer is on point; he redefines Latin Jazz throughout, as I here it on “No Escape”. The Trio’s unwavering melodies are precise excelling beyond expectation. After a few moments on the opener “Vigia”, Ramon and crew quickly establishes their purpose here by navigating through this terrain of ridged harmonies sculpting this timeless masterpiece one note at a time.


“De Vuelta a Casa” is an expressive transitional piece featuring Valle. Soon thereafter, I find myself stunned by the cohesiveness of the Trio. Casa moves sinuously back and forth as the Trio binds and stretches notes simultaneously without any lingering particles floating in the air.


The temperature raises a few notches with “Forty Degrees” as bassist Calvo and drummer Torriente anchors the infectious habitats keeping time as Valle approaches the piano in a Michel Camilo like proficiency. “Forty Degrees” lends itself to“fusion”; perhaps the Trios impetus mobility presses them in a vertical position requiring the passenger to buckle up and get ready to take flight on this arousing musical journey.


Viva Coltrane” nevertheless the title speaks for itself. Any jazz musician worth their weight in gold should pay homage to “Trane” at some point during they’re career. Valle works the keys adorably on Viva Coltrane; the med-tempo stride by the Trio echoes the realness of its forefathers of jazz.


At the five spot is a piece called “Andar por Dentro”. Valle labors in solitude caressing the keys with poignant accuracy. Valle accentuates each note eloquently; his classical training plays a pivotal role in achieving his goal on this selection. 

Drummer Liber Torriente opens on the next track called “Ilegal”; the Trio keeps time by exceeding the fundamentals of jazz with a stellar performance as they get down into the nitty-gritty of things without expecting applause.


The jazzy flavorings of the Ramon Valle Trio continues to accentuate the positive attributes of Ramon’s compositions with “Alice Blues”, is a scrupulously satisfying display of melodicism at it’s very best.


“Clouds” associates itself within the same framework as the prior composition. Ramon’s clever piano phrasings are enchanting; the harmonies are filled with depth and imagination.


The musical journey on “No Escape” appears to thrive on nurturing the relationship between the listener and compositions.  “Kimbara Pa Nico” is a prime example of diversity that dwells in the mindset of Valle’s expansive vocabulary.


Jazz is the prominent fixture throughout this powerful collection of music on Valle’s second effort as a leader; case in point tracks titled “Brindemos & Pesadilla”. While latter two tracks are pretty much structured in the cavity of jazz, Valle humbly wraps himself beyond the scope of things by chiming in on what’s already been done therefore; with his gift he’s able to elevate his music by infusing the lyrical components of his exquisite array of graciously flawless music giving us something fresh to bite into musically.           


Discovering the music of the Ramon Valle Trio has truly been heaven sent for me. Born in Cuba as Luis Ramon Valle Sanchez, he’s emerged as and enormous talent over the years by studying jazz/classic and Cuban music. His compositions are creative, elegant, gracious, flawless, and spontaneously delicious exceeding the formalities of today’s musical boundaries. “No Escape” by Ramon Valle Trio is a must for jazz aficionados everywhere.



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