Morris Code - "Nothin' But A Daydream"


The city of Cleveland, Ohio has more reasons then one to celebrate these days; contemporary jazz moguls Morris Code have released a new album titled “Nothin’ But A Daydream”. Founding members Bob & Peggy Morris collaborates once again to share another taste of vibrant and energetic grooves to satisfy the core of contemporary jazz lovers.  

The Players: Peggy Morris ~ Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone Saxes, Flute and Vocals, Bob Morris ~ Bass Guitar and Keyboards, Chris Ceja ~ Drums with guest appearances by Mathias Claus ~ Keyboards on “How’s The Weather”, Martin Ferenzi ~ Keyboards on “My Favorite Martin and Someday”, Adam Faulk ~ Piano solo on “Sweet Love” and Organ on “Juicy Flute”, Carmen Barth ~ Guitar on the title track “Nothin’ But A Daydream, How’s The Weather, Juicy Flute, Festival of Life, Reed Between The Lines”, Daniel Martin ~ Guitar on “Alien”, Don Safranek ~ Percussion on “Nothin’ But A Daydream, My Favorite Martin, Someday, Return To Love, Juicy Flute,  and Festival of Life”. 

Out the box, Morris Code immediately takes you for a spin with the syncopated rhythms of the title track “Nothin’ But A Daydream”. Ironically, Peggy and the band are reminiscent of a very popular group from the 70’s called Seawind. The tight hooks and imaginative vocal stylings of Peggy delivers an appetizing balance of vocals fused with crisp horn and rhythmic shapes and colors.  

The chase for the groove continues with “Someday” in the second slot. Bob’s funky bass licks and Peggy’s flute caresses the soul while the band keeps the flavor harmonically stimulating. 

How’s The Weather” swings on the set with the right mixture of seasoned flavorings featuring guest keyboardist Mathias Claus from Germany. The remaining members of the band trade the shades of rhythmic flavors parallel with the Bob’s bass chops breaking in momentarily while effortlessly running scales with hints of Jaco in his pocket! 

Peggy keeps things in perspective lyrically with “Return To Love”; meanwhile the band compliments her vocals by adding the right dose of juicy beats and additives.  Peggy’s flute solos magically whispers accessible an alluring melodies with each note.   

My Favorite Martin” just happens to be one my personal favorites on “Nothin But”! Peggy’s flute styling articulates her signature of poetry in motion; she’s passionate with distinctive and soulful flavor. Keyboardist Martin Ferenzi solos melodically dazzles as the band jams joins hands in unison with intense passion and enthusiasm.  

Morris Code’s groove continues to resonate with “Funky Alien”; Peggy’s versatility as a reeds-woman swings in orbit with some tasty and concise sax solos. The band continues to seriously jam pulling it all together focusing on the continuity of unmatched partnership.  

Sweet Love” is another joyous tune with the right combination of catchy hooks and delicious flavors. 

The energy of Morris Code is relentless; however there comes a time the mood must change directions. Peggy’s vocals are called a pond to settle things down a bit with “Soul Connection”.  

Festival of Life” is a snapshot that appropriately captures the core of the groups’ personality; its warm and uplifting in structure therefore inviting the listener too enjoy passionate interplay among friends.   

Vocals are have a strong presence throughout “Nothin’ But A Daydream”, this could be problematic to some however, Peggy’s vocalizations (You’re My Hero) brings an aura of versatility to the compositions. 

“Juicy Flute” is another track that creatively displays the energy and the quality musicians of Morris Code. The band cuts loose with tight solos’ blending all the elements together that makes this group exuberant and enjoyable to listen too.  

One of the most fascinating attributes about Morris Code is they’re live sound that’s captured in this and other recording sessions over the years. “Read Between The Lines” echoes this quality of cast iron musicianship. 

After listening too “Nothin’ But A Daydream” by Morris Code, I hear a blend of harmonious energy with a taste of concise an engaging interplay of Bob & Peggy Morris and friends. If you’re looking for a refreshing alternative that’s not locked into the clichés of smooth and sultry then you’ll fine “Nothin’ But A Daydream” a more then pleasurable listening experience.  

  •         Recommended for contemporaryjazz lovers.