Helsinki, Finland native, vocalist and songwriter Janita offers a sumptuous blend of mouth-watering smooth, and melodically soulful music that’s wrapped with generous twist of Latin and jazzy influences on her latest project titled “Seasons of Life.” At a glance, it seems it would be an enormous undertaking for this twenty-something Scandinavian songtress however; the talented vocalist and songwriter started her career at 13 years old with her long time friend, producer and songwriter Tomi Sachary.Seasons” is her sixth recording. What I find most appealing about “Seasons of Life,” is how Janita’s vocal tonality inhabits the intimacy within, therefore absorbing the listener into the mist of her intricate stylings and sensuous instrumentation. The breezy Brazilian inspired “I Miss You,” is sheer magic lyrically and instrumentally which compliments the other selections throughout the project. “Seasons of Life,” by Janita is a lyrical montage draped with picturesque arrangements that are plush, flawless, and melodically fresh.



The Players are: Tomi Sachary ~ keyboards, guitars on all tracks and bass on track 1, Jonathan Maron ~ bass on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, Antonio Sanchez ~ drums tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10, Daniel Moreno ~ additional percussion on track 1, Daniel Sadowick ~ percussion on all tracks, David Marley ~ additional guitar on track 3, Vicente Archer ~ acoustic bass on track 7, Skoota Warner ~ drums on tracks 1, 7, and 8, Jacques Schwartz -Bart ~ sax & flute on tracks 2, 7, and 8


Total Tracks – 10 (All songs by Janita & Tomi Sachary except “I Miss You” by Janita, Sachary & Jonathan) 


1.      No Words

2.      I Miss You 

3.      That’s How Life Goes

4.      More Than Fantasy

5.      Let Me Love You

6.      Bear With Me

7.      I Only Want You

8.      I Can’t Get Enough 

9.      Too Late

10.  Seasons of Life


Total Spin Time – 54:02


Produced & mixed by Tomi Sachary for ofir music © 2005


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Reviewed by Rob Young, 4 the AG Music Group