Andy Snitzer - Sugar


Philadelphia native Andy Snitzer’s resume as an accomplished saxophonist, composer, producer, and programmer (he’s and expert using Pro Tools, Andy’s considered one of the most skillful music editors in the business) has enabled him to perform with and enormous variety of stellar musicians across the board of popular music (Paul Simon, Bob James, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, and Naughty by Nature, Dr. John and many more). 

The players: Andy Snitzer – Saxophone, James Genus – bass, Clarence Penn – drums and Alain Mallet – Piano & Hammond B3. 

Snitzer’s critically acclaimed  Ties That Bind” debut in 1994 revealed a familiar voice that we’ve heard before (David Sanborn). Since Andy’s debut, two more projects were released “In The Eye of The Storm” and “Some Quiet Place” both seemed to be fairly successful in jazz terms, the latter didn’t receive very much airplay. 

In August of 2002, Andy Snitzer serves up a taste of jazz that could possibly turn the heads of his fans into an awe of disbelieve! Andy’s debut “Sugar” on his new label “A440MusicGroup” has enabled him to step into a different direction musically. “Sugar” might confuse or better yet garner a new set listeners too rejoice in Andy’s brilliant transitional skills as a passionate player that can indeed bop & swing.  

The opener pays homage to the late “Stanley Turrentine” titled “Sugar”.  On my first listen, I asked myself what does he (Andy) think he’s doing here?  After the next couple revisits in the listening room, I quickly discovered the fire from within Andy’s soul as he ignites with passionate for the groove that proves his love for jazz is certainly true to the music.  

The classic “You Don’t Know What Love Is” is always a welcome. Andy covers this one with flawless passion while warming your soul with his buoyant tonality. The players intercede while collectively bringing on skillful interplay that will undoubtedly capture your attention throughout this project.  

T. Time” falls into next position, this hip “Turrentine” number properly gains ground and certainly wins my heart with the spirit of “Soul/Jazz” as Snitzer’s ultimately establishes his spot that only a select few have traveled with success.  

The next selection is titled “Wild Horse” a Mick Jagger & Keith Richards composition. This bluesy piece immediately brings on the tears as Andy again accurately demonstrates his atoned voicing that captures the essence of this song with his profound tonal musings. 

Now you know that you’re serious when you decide that you’re going to play “John Coltrane’s, Blue Train”. Andy steps up the pace with this swinging classic refining with respect and concise tweaking brings his voice to “Blue Train” making this a highlight of “Sugar”. 

Moritat”, yes it sounds like your grandfathers jazz but hey folks it’s jazz with tasteful simplicity and swinging with perseverance. The players on this project envelope these classics with precise interplay! 

At the seventh spot is a Sonny Rollins tune titled “Blue Seven”. Andy successfully arrives in this space called jazz without strive, he is indeed comfortable playing jazz of this caliber at a moments notice. 

A Song For You” a Leon Russell ballad reveals that Andy’s endless practices sessions have paid off. 

Step aside folks and make some room for “Mr. Groove” as Andy completes this set the ultimate swinging groove tunes with yet another piece that will have your head bopping and your hips swaying!  

Andy’s interpretations of these classics are inspiring to say the least. Aforementioned, this record might not be what his fan base wants to hear. However, armed with a garment of talent, Andy has spoken with his impressive tonal techniques revealing a passionate yet challenging listening experience. “Sugar” is Highly Recommended!