David Sanborn “Timeagain” 


Hmmmm, “Jazz not Jazz”, maybe smooth surely not some might say? With my headset in place and glowing with excitement I couldn’t wait for my first listen too Sanborn’sTimeagain”, I soon discover that this question bears no merit whatsoever after all the 57 year old David Sanborn doesn’t nor hasn’t claimed to be a jazz musician. Does it matter? Surely not, there’s no doubt Sanborn has paid his dues as one of the premier voices in contemporary music. From the opening bar of the lead track, “Comin’ Home BabySanborn breathes harmonic melodies into the cold steel with flawless effort etching his way through this intricate ten-song collection of classic pop and original modern jazz tunes bridging the gap into the archives of classic Sanbornism. 

The players: Christian McBride ~ Bass, Russell Malone ~ Guitar, Mike Mainieri ~ Vibraphone, Don Alias ~ Percussion, Gil Goldstein ~ Piano, Steve Gadd ~ Drums, Rickey Peterson ~ Keyboards, Lawrence Feldman ~ Alto & Bass Flutes, Randy Brecker ~ Trumpet, Alfred Brown & Olivia Koppelli ~ Viola, Jesse Levy & Caryl Paisner ~ Cello, Luis Quintero ~ Additional Percussion, Lain Groves, Arnold McCuller, David Lasley and Valerie Pinkston ~ Vocals and David Sanborn ~ Alto Saxophone & Piano. 

Cristo Redentor” originally composed by Duke Pearson. The hunting vocals immediately draw you into an ambient lullaby that echoes sentiments of the past with favorable hints of gospel and blues. David’s signature alto squawks blurring seamlessly with enchanting harmonic melodies that are superbly complimented by the cast of talented sideman. 

The percussive jungle like grooves of “Harlem Nocturne” featuring Don Alias & Luis Quintero brings this classic into the millennium, suddenly Sanborn approaches not only his sax with assurance he suddenly surprises us with adequate dose of keystrokes on piano with confidence. 

David serves up a generous taste of Joni Mitchell’s classic “Man From Mars” with conviction. In a looming tale spin, his presence is felt with each note resonating in classic Sanborn flair roaring with a redemptive quality wrapping you into the fabric called blue. 

Isn’t She Lovely” a Stevie Wonder classic defines description here at the 5th position on “Timeagain”, Sanborn’s arrangement takes us for a spin harmonically layering a fresh coat of bluesy undertones sparking sentiments of everlasting love harnessed on shoulder of Sanborn’s intimate musings on the saxophone.  

Sanborn has undoubtedly mastered the classics here on “Timeagain”, his touch too Stanley Turrentine’s “Sugar’ leaves a lasting impression. Whispering with the roaring notes of perfection Sanborn’s alto mastery transcends contemporary pop and modern jazz musical boundaries somehow satisfying both worlds sonically.  

Tequila” spins and swirls with definition as Sanborn’s treatment excels with gusto making this one a bright moment on “Timeagain”. 

David’s alto beckons your attention once again with a self-penned composition by Sanborn titled “Little Flower” this moody ballad envelopes you with the right combination of colors without distractions, improvising without altercation, this is classic Sanborn at it’s best.   

Coupled by the talents of Sanborn & Peterson the duo works their magic with apiece called “Spider B” featuring guitarist Russell Malone’s tasty solo with cascading side effects by Lawrence Feldman & Randy Brecker’s infectious tonal phrasing layered by the virtuosity of they’re more then ample sidekicks that assuredly provides a solid blues based composition that’s engaging and accessible. 

Delia” is another self-penned composition by Sanborn. Keep in mind this track swells from within it’s inner motions vamping with punctual identity Delia closes this set without reservation delivering the quality, style and sophistication that we’ve come to expect from David Sanborn.  

Timeagain” is without a doubt a first class production by Stewart Levine therefore; no apologies are necessary here, David Sanborn does what he does best play the alto saxophone without pause or unjust compromise. With his Verve Records debut, Sanborn creatively and effectively expresses qualities beyond innovation, his music dwells within the spirit of his soul making him one of the most admired artists in contemporary music.  

Timeagain is highly recommended!


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