With this key, you unlock the door to musical imagination. Guitarist Brian Hughes invites you to another dimension – a dimension of sound. You’ll be taking an hour-long ride on a Fast Train to a Quiet Place (Sylvan House Music, 2011).

Hughes plays several instruments: electric and acoustic guitars, electric sitar, Celtic bouzouki, guitar synthesizer and, for “To a Quiet Place,” fretless bass. Accompanying him on this journey are the mesmerizing sounds of Tal Bergman, drums; Rufus Philpot, electric bass; Matt Rohde, acoustic piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes and keyboards; Ron Powell, percussion on all but two tracks; and Quinn, percussion on “The Gift.”

“Fast Train” is a moving piece with a moderate pace. The guitar is out front all the way, but the accompanying instruments are effective throughout. Rohde’s piano fills and Bergman’s play on the toms stand out a bit more than the rest. Hughes plays in a Metheny-like style. One can almost hear “Minuano (Six-Eight)” playing alongside.

One of the more clever songs is “Would You Like Fries With That My Dear?” Opening with a Latin percussive vibe, the selection quickly injects a little funk before settling into a more tropical groove. Philpot’s bass line holds it together. Hughes takes the acoustic guitar on this jaunt. Rohde adds some seasoning with the Hammond B3 organ. Toward the end, Bergman and Powell lick their chops during a call and response with the rest of the ensemble.

All 10 songs for Fast Train to a Quiet Place were penned by Hughes. He and his bandmates, collectively, have worked with a diverse assortment of artists, including Prince, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morisette, Queen Latifah, Rod Stewart, Joe Zawinul, Al DiMeola and Jeff Golub.