Romance is in bloom as vocalist Diane Marino presents an assortment of melodies created by several jazz greats. Loads of Love (M&M Records, 2013) is Marino’s fifth recording as a leader.

Marino sings, plays piano and handles arrangements. With her are Houston Person, tenor sax on all but “Never Let Me Go”; Chris Brown, drums; Frank Marino, bass; Pat Bergeson, guitar on four songs; and George Tubwell, trumpet on “Someone You’ve Loved.”

Though taken from the oft-mentioned American Songbook, these selections aren’t covers of the same songs it seems every jazz vocalist wants or needs to revisit. However, they are from the same writers, including Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Richard Rogers and others.

“How Am I to Know” has a slight samba feel. The guitar and rim shots help enhance a charming piece. After Marino’s lead, Bergeson lets his fingers do the walking, delivering a delightful solo, followed by Person.

Sass is the theme with “Take Love Easy.” Marino’s joy of the music and the lyrics come through. Music is generally better when the listener gets a feeling that the players are enjoying themselves. While true of all the tracks on Loads of Love, the mood seems even stronger with this song.

A native of New York, Marino attended the High School for the Performing Arts and Mannes College of Music for classical piano.