Just ahead of baseball season, Lisa Parrott launches one across the fence. Round Tripper (Serious Niceness Records, 2015) is all about the passion of creating music.

Parrott plays alto and baritone saxophones. With her on this date are Matt Wilson, drums; Chris Lightcap, double bass; Carl Dewhurst, guitar; and guest Nadje Noordhuis, trumpet and flugelhorn on two tracks.

“Rosa Takes a Stand” is a Carlos Ward composition that Parrott and her bandmates adopt as their own. The alto sax and guitar handle most of the out-front work, with bass and drums getting plenty of action underneath. Toward the end is an extended call and response, showcasing Wilson’s dexterity on the kit.

The baritone takes center stage on “Do You Think That I Do Not Know,” with original music by Lisa and Nicki Parrott. The slow, melancholy tone draws the listener in. Noordhuis’ flugelhorn accompanies.

Dewhurst penned the other baritone-featured track, “I Don’t Know What.” The guitar sets the base rhythm, then melds with the sax for the melody. The base rhythm and Wilson’s stick work provide the backdrop when Parrott takes off on a spirited jaunt. There’s a transition point when the sax engages in a chugging phrase while Dewhurst stretches out. The two then interact where their phrases overlap and complement each other. The drum and bass track appears to shift into turbo gear briefly while the two leads thrust and parry. All goes quiet, giving Lightcap a moment out front while the song fades.

Parrott is one of many Australians who have been shown they can succeed on the New York Jazz scene. The Down Beat critics poll voted her as a Rising Star. Though the comparison was made to sports, “round tripper” being one of several terms used to describe a home run, the title of the album is actually a tribute to Parrott’s homeland. It tells of her musical discoveries since moving to the United States about 20 years ago.
Whatever the inspiration, Round Tripper is a hit.