It's rather seldom that we can see Incognito in Germany. I was lucky enough to attend their concert in Cologne at 28th April. The venue was a small and smoky club called "Kantine". I really appreciate that there are still some promoters going the risk to loose some money. This time the venue was packed out to capacity and the audience was full of expectations.



The concert started at 8:30 PM with the support act D'Sound from Norway. They are touring with Incognito for 5 concerts. D'Sound is a prolific group. They have already released four albums "Spice Of Life" (1996), "Beauty Is A Blessing" (1998), "Talkin' Talk" (2001) and "Doublehearted" (2003). D'Sound are female singer Simone, drummer Kim Ofstad and keyboardist Jonny Sjo. If you appreciate groups like Incognito or Brand New Heavies you will dig this group! No wonder that they are touring with both groups.



There was a great coincidence in the audience that D'Sound showed a terrific performance with songs like "Love Is On My Way", "Do I Need A Reason" or "Sunshine".  Those who are familiar with their music will observe that the group is regrettably changing their sound from acid jazz, soul jazz to r&b and pop. They are currently working on their next album that shall be more disco sound. Not my wave.



Incognito started their Spring 2005 program with the song "Colibri" from the classic album "Tribes, Vibes and Scribes" (1992). There was a rather low limelight which made it really difficult to catch the scene by photo. Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunik, the genius of the project Incognito, stood behind during the performance, playing his guitar licks. He was recovered from his bad condition during his arrival in Frankfurt two days before and even found the time to watch the show of D'Sound dressed in a green parka. 

Line-up was:

Nichol Thomson - trombone
Andy Ross - sax
Dominic Glover - trumpet

Francis Hylton - bass
Tony Remy - guitar/vocoder
Bluey - guitar

Maysa Leak - vocals
Tony Momrelle - vocals
Imaani - vocals
Gail Evans - vocals

Matt Cooper - keyboards
Richard Bailey - drums



Tony Remy played his guitar combined with a vocoder earning a rapturous applause.


"Don't Turn My Love Away" from the album "Adventures In Black Sunshine" (2004) was a tremendous follow-up. Further songs were "Fountain Of Life" from the album "Beneath The Surface" (1996), "Close My Eyes" ("Adventures In Black Sunshine"), "Talkin' Loud" from "Positivity" (1993).  Bluey had noted on the play list for this tune: "matt sax solo (no jazz"). 

Unfortunately the sound in the small venue was too loud and sharp. Several listeners gave signs to Bluey who reacted by asking the audience if the sound would be too loud. The audience answered with a resounding yes. Bluey started a sound check with all musicians during the show. 

It was a great pleasure to see Maysa Leak joining this tour. "Deep Waters" from "Positivity" is one of the songs making Maysa's powerful vocals known worldwide. Maysa is probably one of the best contemporary singers. When Maysa was performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival Carl Griffin (N-Coded Music) was so impressed by her that he signed her for his label.



Imaani known by the album "Beneath The Surface" showed a very vivid performance.


The great soul singer Tony Momrelle from St. Lucia had birthday and got a great chocolate cake as a present on this show. Some critics call him the new Stevie Wonder.


Gail Evans from Scotland. 

Further songs played by the group were "Morning Sun"  from the album "Who Needs Love" (2003), Everything Your Heart Desires" ("Adventures In Black Sunshine"), "Who Needs Love", "Pieces Of A Dream" ("Positivity"), "Listen To The Music" and "This Thing Called Love" ("Adventures In Black Sunshine"), the Stevie-Wonder-cover "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" ("Tribes, Vibes and Scribes"), "Everyday" from the album "100 And Rising" (1995) and the Ronnie-Laws-cover "Always There" from the album "Inside Life" (1991).


Richard Bailey played a stunning drum solo. He is the oldest member of Incognito besides the founder Bluey. He also played with Jeff Beck and the Rolling Stones in earlier times as Bluey proudly mentioned.


Dominic Glover, Andy Ross, Nichol Thomson, Bluey, Tony Remy, Tony Momrelle


During the concert Bluey was talking about his Hope Collective Project. Hope Collective Soul stars turn out for massive charity recording in aid of the Tsunami disaster victims, organized by Bluey featuring: Chaka Khan, Jocelyn Brown, Steve Winwood, Carleen Anderson, Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Omar, Taka Boom, Maysa, Kingdom Choir, Don-E, Raghav, Amp Fiddler, Sonique, L.C.G.C, Chris Ballin, Imaani, Lauraine Cato, Lifford,Tony Momrelle, Tyrone Henry, Gail Evans, Charlise, Noel McKoy, Patrick Clahar, Dominic Glover, Chris DeMargary, Nichol Thompson, Andy Ross, Karl Vanden Bossche, Carlos Edwards, Miles Bould, Richard Bailey, Graham Harvey, Julian Crampton, Ski, Tony Remy and many more...... Bluey also assured that the money of this project will directly go to the victims.

After a great applause the audience got just one encore: "Still A Friend Of Mine" ("Positivity").


After the show the group was drinking champagne 


and got some chocolate cake served by Tony


while Bluey was autographing Hope Collective CDs. Till next time, Bluey!