Aftertouch is a MIDI parameter which allows sounds to change when they are already sounding. Beyond this technical explanation aftertouch is a way of expression in the piano play. Anyway the term aftertouch is often used under musicians. Consequently it was obvious that Daniel Obadia and Andy Korn chose this term also as title of their musicgroup, cause their music is piano- and keyboard-oriented.

Their new album is still in developement: "The new project is still 5 tracks short (total 10). However, Danny & Andy feel this best represents what Aftertouch is doing right now (with Grammy award winning producer Jeff Bova)."

What you can expect is a fresh piano play, very funky and rhythm emphasized. With the permission of the band I have added soundsamples of the first five tracks. Better than words speaks the music for itself.

First tune is Dot Com This. This is finest laid-back sound grounding on a heavy hip-hop drummachine rhythm. Remarkable the light and quick piano play with a jazzy impact. As you know from my last review about Allon Sams' album this is my personal dream stuff.

New Digz has besides this awesome piano play impressing guitar and sax additions. Probably Daniel and Andy have played together with the fellow musicians of their last album "Where You Belong" Dave Mann (sax), Cliff Lyons (sax), Andy Abel (guitar) and Mike Cirro (guitar). If I will find it out, I will tell you more about it.

Every label ceo should be proud to have such a professional group in his roster. You And Me offers more of this high quality in a slow romantic piano piece. In hard times this kind of music can help us to brighten our days again.

I Married You Didn't I? speeds up the tempo to a funky highlight. This hooking tune has the power of constant radio-play.

Exit88 is the last tune of this first glimpse at an album awakening the appetite on more.  All incredients of a tight Smooth Jazz albums are to find here. Starting with the doodoo-vocal keyboard sounds Danny brilliants with speedy piano runnings and warbles well- framed by blowing saxes

I don't know, when this album will be finished, but I strongly hope that Danny and Andy have besides their musical proficiency also the endurance, to lead this album to the success, it deserves. Two thumbs up!





The musicians:
  • Danny Obadia - Keyboards

  • Andy Korn - Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming

  • Cliff Lyons - Saxaphone

  • Dave Mann - Saxaphone

  • Jeff Bova - Keyboards& additonal drum programing (sounds)

  • Andy Abel - Guitars

  • Jon Carridi - Guitars

All songs written by Daniel Obadia.

Produced by Jeff Bova.