Neil Warden performed over 25 years with the legendary Scottish Blues & Jazz singer Tam White. Now he has  released his first solo album with the group name Blue Soul Groove. He is supported by the Scottish musicians John Burgess (sax/flute), Ronnie Rae Jr. (keys), Bobby Heatlie Sr. and Ant Davies (bass).

He calls George Benson, Nile Rodgers, Larry Carlton, The Average White Band and The Crusaders to his idols. So we observe for the first time a Scottish smooth jazz production. Neil comments: “I decided to record the album following the success of my Smooth Jazz and Cool Groove EP which was play listed on the now sadly defunct New York City CD101 radio station in the states.’ The EP sold over 5000 copies.’ But like so many musical projects I put it on the back burner to focus on work with Tam White, Boz Burell (Bad Company) and Borders singer songwriter Allie Fox.”

The album was recorded in Warden’s studio showcasing his excellent skills in performing, recording and producing. By the way Neil has written all songs with the exception of the cover version Put It Where You Want it.

If I could Turn Back The Time, that is the eternal desire of mankind. Neil Warden fulfills this wish in mellow tones. John Burgess rejoices on flute and Neil shares his feelings. On Zazou John shows more of his mesmerizing enchantment on sax and flute followed by Neil's cool chords.

The San Francisco Bay Area city Sausalito is one of America's musical hot spots. Sausalito Funk is perfectly capturing the spirit of this vivid place.  Deep in the night one can experience the magic moments sitting at the sea, watching the cold gleaming shine of the moon. 3 Am is the music for this minutes of a dream.

Out On The Groove keeps the contact to the swinging time of London's Jazz FM, when such great musicians like Chris Bangs, Acoustic Alchemy, Sugar&Silk, Paprika Soul, Shakatak, Duncan Millar, The Jazzsteppers and many more set great impact on the scene. With The Blue Glide Neil Warden displays the influence of the Spanish school on his work.

Relax with the easy going Soul Town. Joe Sample wrote the tune Put It Where You Want It for the album 1, the first album under the group name The Crusaders. A grooving monument of jazz funk brilliantly refurbished in Warden's rendition. Final tune on Warden's album is Baga River. A river near Goa, India, with a beautiful view on the ocean. Looks like Warden was impressed by this place full of touristic activities.

Blue Soul Groove's Turn Back The Time is Neil Warden's impressing start into the smooth jazz genre. Highly recommendable for all friends of this music.





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Album Information

Title: Turn Back The Time
Artist: Blue Soul Groove
Year: 2011
Length: 0:42:50
Genre: General Jazz
Label: BSG Records


01 Turn Back The Time [4:52]
02 Zazou [4:48]
03 Sausalito Funk [5:10]
04 3 Am [3:35]
05 Out On The Groove [3:23]
06 The Blue Glide [6:43]
07 Soul Town [4:33]
08 Put It Where You Want It [4:26]
09 Baga River [5:20]