Patrick Bradley's new album is entitled Intangible. According to conventional definition that means not made of physical substance or not able to be touched. An adjective that applies to all forms of music. Patrick Bradley addressed with this adjective on one hand his musical influences, on the other hand all kinds of friendship.

If we put aside the spiritual superstructure, we recognize a new project where Patrick once again is working with keyboard legend Jeff Lorber. Further musicians on this recordings are Paul Jackson Jr., Adam Hawley and Michael Thompson (guitar), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Andrew Carney (trumpet), Gary Novak (drums) and David Mann (horns). All songs were composed by Patrick and Jeff Lorber.

With the striving forward piece Dear Friend Patrick honors all late artists, who have influenced his musical development like Keith Emerson (ELP), George Duke, Joe Sample and more. On this fast paced introduction Patrick and Jeff share their sparkling keys ideas. Funky Green was influenced by a trip to the miraculous island of Kauai. The performance of both musicians on organ, keyboards, piano is simply spectacular.

The necessary political Tailwind to mobilize all the forces is a desirable aspect in all areas, from sport, to economy and music. Patrick certainly doesn't need such a stimulus, he and Jeff are the driving motors of this tune. The title On Tap awakes not by accident associations with a cheerful craft beer. Tasty, pleasant to drink and refreshing, parallels are shown up between music and beer.

Intangible is a fountainhead of luminous organ mastery pulsed by Jeff's strongly pushing synth bass. Find the Way surprises with elements of soft rock from the time of the groups Yes, King Crimson and Procol Harum. Let's speak about our ancestry, when organ was a dominating instrument. While Pacific Coast riding is an often used picture in smooth jazz, Newport Coast conjures an edgier alternative. Andrew Carney on trumpet leaves a deep footprint.

Winds of Change is less a musical description of political development but more the expression of hope for an improvement in the political situation. Destiny opens up the gateway to the rock world with angular Hammond B3 and Thompson's distorted guitar sound. Do you like a little Rain Dance? Out of Bounds gives us the sweet aftertaste.

The participation of Jeff Lorber in a production is already a guarantee for top quality. But Patrick Bradley takes confidently the control stick more and more in his own hand and that way Intangible is to a great part his brainchild.









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Album Information

Title: Intangible
Artist: Patrick Bradley
Year: 2017
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Patrick Bradley Music


1 Dear Friend 4:39
2 Funky Greens 4:08
3 Tailwind (feat. Paul Jackson Jr) 3:50
4 On Tap 4:02
5 Intangible 4:42
6 Find the Way 4:22
7 Newport Coast (feat. Andrew Carney) 3:23
8 Winds of Change 3:59
9 Destiny 5:08
10 Out of Bounds 5:05

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