Louisiana born guitar hero Norman Brown is is a consistent force in the smooth jazz genre. A reliable supplier of excellent music that has gained recognition among fans and experts alike. It Hits Different (2024) is Norman's fifth album for Shanachie Entertainment.

Norman's new project is supported by the following top musicians: Wirlie Morris (Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar), Brinson Poythress III (Additional Guitar), Roberto Vally (Bass, Drums, Percussion), Mark Etheridge (Keys), Ron King (Horn Arrangement and Trumpet), Greg Vail (Saxophone), Tom Schuman (Keys And Drums), Paul Brown (Percussion), Phil Davis (Bass, Keyboard Programming SY77),  “Lil” John Roberts (Drums
), Joanna Davis (Vocals), Shane Theriot (Bass, Keys, Drums, Rhythm Guitar), Lenny Castro (Percussion), and Jeffrey L. Smith (Keys, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Drums).

The album opens with Anything, which is already climbing the charts as the herald of this brilliant guitarist's new lightness. A catchy flow that seems unstoppable.

Wirlie Morris and vocalist James Champion already worked with Norman Brown on his tune I Won’t Hurt You on his album Let's Get Away. A fruitful collaboration that continues with To Forever, a further R&B jewel.

The funky Chicken Shack is inspired by James Brown's music and his Funky Chicken dance style. Ron King and Greg Vail deliver a fantastic horn support. The title song features again Wirlie Morris, this time not only as instrumentalist but as vocalist with a perfect pitch. It Hits Different naturally revolves around the oldest topic in the world, love.

Strollin' is the perfect title for wandering the streets and enjoying the first rays of sunshine. The Bensonesque music cultivates this magical moment of happiness.

Ausar, also known as Osiris, is an ancient Egyptian deity associated with the underworld, rebirth, and resurrection. This dynamic piece of fusion jazz shines through the virtuosity of drummer "Lil" John Roberts (Snarky Puppie, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder), guitarist Norman Brown and keyboardist Phil Davis, who penned this masterpiece.

Wings of Love reunites Norman with Wirlie Morris and his wonderful voice. Morris has collaborated with everyone from Charlie Wilson, Boys II Men, Johnny Gill and Keith Sweat, among numerous others.

Music is a fleeting element that only lasts for the duration of its creation. Norman takes this into account with the title Cloud Chase. Despite the lightness of his guitar playing, he leaves a lasting impression.

Can't Stop Tryin' is a song that fits seamlessly into the smooth jazz chart requirement with an engaging melody, gripping rhythm and positive vibe. From Shane Theriot's keyboard sequence evolves with Sundance Norman's imaginative guitar riffs.

The album finds its end with Casual Cool, a musical blend of comfort and chicness that exudes a sense of confidence and ease.

Norman Brown's album It Hits Different offers a catchy sound in his well-known streamlined style, which has rightly earned him a large fan base. His fame corresponds to his charismatic appearance onstage, which has earned him popularity, respect and recognition in the jazz world.






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Album Information

Title: It Hits Different
Artist: Norman Brown
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1) "Anything" (3:31)
2) "To Forever" (3:39)
3) "Chicken Shack" (3:48)
4) "It Hits Different" (3:49)
5) "Strollin'" (3:41)
6) "Ausar" (5:08)
7) "Wings of Love" (3:59)
8) "Cloud Chase" (3:46)
9) "Can’t Stop Tryin’" (3:51)
10) "Sundance" (3:37)
11) "Casual Cool" (3:40)


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