Composer and multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is the most productive musician of the smooth jazz genre. Beside his solo albums and the serials Kool&Klean, Love Suggestions, Smooth Jazz and eJazz Artistry he has also released the Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion Groove Jazz N Chill.

Scheduled for July 8, 2016 will follow his new album Groove Jazz N Chill #5. It's no secret that Konstantin composed and produced all tracks and performed all musical instruments on this sequel. The factor romance is a priority to Wherever I Go. Wonderful acoustic guitar combined with richly underpinned keyboard sound. The hooking effect is undeniable.

With Sentimental Things Konstantin climbs new highs of sweetness. With his sensible piano touch he draws the listener into the magic of song. The fascinating assemblage of keys and guitar finds a new expression on Send My Love. A dream of mankind is to Live On Forever. With such smooth music it would be a pleasure.

No, it's not Simon and Carfunkel's megahit. With The Sound Of Silence Konstantin creates his own paradise of enchanting notes. The magic isn't born by chance. Musical gems like My Favorite Things are the result of hard composing work. Titles like Butterfly Kisses reveal Konstantin's vivid imagination, which internalizes the sound world of his instruments.

Speak Life opens the next chapter of harmonic exploration fostering the huge park of Konstantin's sound library.  My Story tunefully summarizes what Klashtorni's music is all about. In the world of the predictable he is the master of new twists and variations. Into You is another reinvention of passionate harmonies. Made A Way is his request. But in which direction would be my answering question.

Groove Jazz N Chill #5 still holds listener's attention while the desire for a style change significantly arises.





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Album Information

Title: Groove Jazz N Chill #5
Artist: Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion
Year: 2016
Length: 0:52:03
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: KvK Records

01 Wherever I Go [4:19]
02 Sentimental Things [5:15]
03 Send My Love [4:08]
04 Live On Forever [5:23]
05 The Sound Of Silence [5:19]
06 My Favorite Things [4:45]
07 Butterfly Kisses [5:10]
08 Speak Life [4:40]
09 My Story [4:37]
10 Into You [4:21]
11 Made A Way [4:08]