Khani Cole




Is Smooth Jazz instrumental music without vocals like Dan Margules (RHYTHM & JAZZ ) argued ("Let's see... it differs from pop by its absence of vocals.")? I would prefer the cite of an unknow radio-dj "Vocals have always been and always be part of the mix with this format". So you find many vocal tunes on albums of instrumental musicians and the vocalists add instrumental music to their album too. All is in the mix.

One of those singers with an affinity to Smooth Jazz was and is Khani Cole. Marion Meadows, Nelson Rangell,Tony Guerrero, Al Ortiz, Billy Moio, Mike Florio and Michael B. are Smooth Jazz artists, with which Khani played and made her first albums. Further artists were the Rippingtons, Earl Klugh and Lee Ritenour. As you might see at the players list, new musicians are joining her new album Lifetime. Some are well-known under insiders like drummer Poogie Bell (Erykah Badu, Marcus Miller), keyboardists Andrew Sherman (Mariah Carey, George Duke) and George Lax (Lenny Kravitz).

The first track Lifetime has a fresh and propulsing touch in a Brazilian rhythm style. Khani sings as she often does about human relationship and love. About the devine feelings of love. The chorus vocals are alienated as contemporary music demands.

All About You is a love song about the surprising attack of love. The swinging touch of all instruments harmonize with Khani's vibrating vocals.

Heavy groove with drum and tablas starts Sunshine with a modern R 'n B feeling. Khani masters all music styles.

What Is Real starts with a flat vocal part before the whole scale opens. Khani has dedicated this song to her daughters Aria and Erin. Yeah, mother love is the greatest feelin'.

Things U Do is a journey into blues. Khani sings: I 've go those cruel blues provin' that once again... This piece is obviously the nearest interface to Jazz on the whole album. Chris Parks ' guitar get a bigger part, although Khani's vocals are dominating the whole album.

Erin's Interlude is a short interplay with fading keyboard sounds.

Real Thing is a very extensive cover of Stevie Wonder's tune. Khani catches the funky attitide of the original perfectly.

Aria's Interlude, a filler, guides to the next tune

Trickin' with a fat surprising brass section. Allon Furler on trumpet and Benjamin on sax are rebuilding Khani's connection to Smooth Jazz. The home of the rhythm sections is obviously to find in the Hip Hop or Contemporary Urban genre. Anyway it's groovin'.

With her song If Khani complains about a lost love. We know this theme already from her last album Places

After so many rhythm emphasized tunes brings Sunday Morning some peace into the album with Khani's slow contemplative recitation. This tune was inspired by, written for and dedicated to Khani's dad Casimir Janiszewski. Bruce Flowers accompanies very perceptively on piano.

Final piece is anew the title song Lifetime. I like especially the intro with the Brazilian flavor and the guitar parts of the tune. 

Comparing the album Lifetime with her second album Places one recognizes a change from Smooth Jazz to a broad variation of other styles with the mainweight on expressive vocals. Friends of instrumental music will miss the instrumental parts. The music market will decide if her decision was the right choice. Anyway JazzFM is already playing All About U and Sunshine, so the success seems secured. Khani Cole is a professional singer with a fantastic voice and this album is the right set in scene.





The musicians:
  • Khani Cole - Vocals
  • Chris Parks - Guitars, Bass and Programming
  • Vivian Sessoms - Backing Vocals
  • Bruce Flowers - Keyboards (3,4,6,7,9), Strings (1)
  • Poogie Bell - Drums (3,4,6,7)
  • Andrew Sherman - Keyboards (2,5)
  • George Lax - Keyboards (1)
  • Allen Furber - Trombone (7)
  • K.C. Benjamin - Saxophone (7)


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