Down To The Bone is a project by producer and writer Stuart Wade. The project is named after the former London jazz club "To The Bone". Although Stuart is the mastermind of the project, he never performed an instrument on the recordings or the live events. Nevertheless his ideas are so flashing, that the project has a tremendous success especially in the States.

All started with the first album From Manhattan To Staten in 1996 on the UK label Internal Bass Records. The Urban Grooves (1999) and Spread The Word (2000) followed on this label. Crazy Vibes and Things (2002) was released on GRP, Cellar Funk (2004), Spread Love Like Wildfire (2005), and Supercharged (2007) on Narada, Future Boogie (2009) on Shanachie,  The Main Ingredients  (2011) and Dig It (2014) on Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records, the UK­version on Dôme Records.

Three groups of musicians are involved in the project, the Live UK Band, the Live US Band and the recording musicians. The latter are Katie Leone (vocals),  Julian Crampton (bass), Rufus Philpot (bass), Mark Jaimes (guitar), Davide Giovannini (drums),  Joe “Bongo” Becket (percussion chores), Neil Angilley and Oli Silk (keys), Tim Smart (trombone), Pablo Mendelssohn (trumpet), and Simon Allen (sax). All following the ideas and guidance of Stuart Wade.

Dropping Knowledge starts with a bouncy and funky groove with a fundamental horn section. Similarities with the music of Incognito are inevitable. Friendship, common interests, there are many shortcuts. The Bounce follows with a slower vibe but always with the full package. Dig It showcases more of acid jazz as we like it. Lively vibraphone, pushing trumpets, percussion and drums create that sound tapestry you can listen to in London clubs.

Happiness Is A Healer features soul singer Katie Leone, who blessed many events with her soulful voice. With inherent passion she makes the song to the platform of her personality. Meteorite serves horn arrangements garnished with wah guitar. On Put A Different Spin On It Katie Leone shows her qualities as a jazz vocalist in the style of Al Jarreau. It's wholly understandable that she is the new front singer of Incognito.

The Sweetness is another funk masterpiece with a great flow. On Getting It Together Tim Smart shines with a terrific trombone solo. We're On The Move continues the groove engine to the final firework Give Me Love. How Oli Silk treats the Rhodes is flashing.

Dig It serves very danceable steady grooves with enough catchy hooks for a high entertaining factor.







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Title: Dig It
Artist: Down To The Bone
Year: 2014
Length: 0:60:57
Genre: General Pop
Label: Dome Records Ltd.

01 Dropping Knowledge [5:59]
02 The Bounce [5:20]
03 Dig It [7:33]
04 Happiness Is a Healer (Featuring Katie Leone) [6:25]
05 Meteorite [5:43]
06 Put a Different Spin on It (Featuring Katie Leone) [6:37]
07 The Sweetness [5:36]
08 Getting It Together [5:56]
09 We're On The Move [5:36]
10 Give Me Love [6:12]

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