dago - sounds for a blue planet

If you shouldn't be familiar with Dago, don't wonder. It's the new aka of the German artist Dagobert Böhm. Dago is well-known in Germany by his new age / chill out music, cultivated in albums like Sound of Wood (1982), Acoustic Moods (1987), Morning Flight (1993) or Acoustic Unit (1998). The album Sounds For A Blue Planet was growing over the time between between September 1995 until November 2001. The album was finally released this year.
Dago proclaims his album as a smooth-jazz-world-pop-ambient-chill out CD.

The first track Marrakesh Sunrise has nothing in common with music from Marocco, although Marrakesh is a wonderful city in Marocco, known by its famous juggler-market. The music has definetely an Indian touch with the sound of sitar and tablas well-backed by a whimpering violin. The rhythm may remind one at the music of groups like 3rd Force or Yulara.

Ozella is featuring the emotional sound of Zoltán Lantos at 5-string violin. The tune has a hovering new age character joined with a dense sound-carpet of different rhythms.

Angua Crash rises his mellow voice at Stay Awake. A dense and moody tune reminding at the vocal tunes of Pink Floyd.

Introducing instrument on Café Au Lait (white coffee) is Tony Lakatos' soprano sax leading to Dago's romantic guitar performance. 

Birds Of Passage starts in a slow soulful manner. One always await the musicians will increase their tempo. But the piece stays retained and is melting in pure atmosphere.

A dark-mooded temper dominates Out Of The Jungle. The tune has the classical strenght of a piece of Ravel. Sounds of the jungle are woven into the melody.

Nessa Hora Azul presents Maria Hort Petersen's lovely vocals in a Brazilian tune singing about a new-born love.

Wolakota has a strong world music character. Guitar-riffs, tom tom beats and Tony Lakatos's flute shape this piece.

On Blue C Steven Toeteberg's hammond organ pushs Zoltán Lantos's violin to dynamic solos.

Am Eulenturm (At The Owl Tower) remains in the new age area. Do you remember Winfried Trenkler's former radio program   "Schwingungen" on WDR? 

This soft and retaining sound is also characteristic for Morning Flight. A sensitive music for dreamers.

Straight Away reveals Tokunbo Akinro's awesome voice tenderly caressed by Dago's acoustic guitar.

On I Do Love My Life Dago showcases his skills intonating acoustic and electric guitars accompanied by decent South American rhythms.

Soluna Samay sings I Wish I Was A Seagull, a 11 years old child. And she had much fun, as you can hear by her giggle. The next vocal star?

What you can await is a colorful new age album with much romantic harmonics.