Dancing Fantasy



The musicians Curtis McLaw and Chris W. Williams are some of the most-knownest German instrumentalists in USA. Since more than 10 years they represent an unique style combining elements of Smooth Jazz, New Age and Easy Listening. 

Asked after the classification of his music, Curtis comments: "I don't believe ,that we considered our music as New Age. In Germany, they called it instrumental music or, if it thinks a bad, "elevator-music ", that means, this music could run also at Karstadt (German warehouse) in the elevator or in the blockhouse on the lady-toilet. That would disturb no one. With New Age I reckoned Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream ect. . But we therefore run in USA under this category however also under "Easy Listenning", I would rather name myself an "Easy-Listener". That applies more. For New Age, as it is known in Europe, I am certainly too groovy." 

Nevertheless not the category or style is important, only the music counts. Undoubtly their music is impressing and atmospheric.

Dreaning out loud starts with the typical DF sustained sythesizer sound. A thick typestry of miscellaneous keyboard sounds with a leading theme.

On Highlands guitarist Bill Joseph Flynn, a longtime collaborator, plays the leading melody with his acoustic guitar followed by York's sensitive sax solo. The keyboards are building the background.

More uptempo with a hip-hop-rhythm presents Around The World In A Day York 's skillfullness on soprano sax.

Asian Fantasies guide back to the powerful sound-paintings. The heavy sustained rhythm and the fat synthi sounds remind of Vangelis' music. 

This style continued at the follow-up On No Man's Land. Curtis comments the selection of his instruments: "I get from the " Korg Wavestation " for example and the different Roland keyboards, JD-800S ect., the warm, fat surfaces, YAMAHA or the company EMU likes to stand for dry, percussive sounds to the disposal." 

Somewhat mournfully sounds the following piece White Horses in the beginning. One can hear an interplay between Toshinori Kondo 's muted trumpet and Curtis keyboardtrumpetsound. A young lady is perfectly scatting along  accompanied by  Flynn's  guitar. 

Million Miles Away From Home is one of these beautiful acoustic guitar pieces we're really appreciating. But DF succeed in still ennobling this sound with their keyboard sounds.

Everlasting Pictures is the next hooking melody. Bill Joseph Flynn brilliants anew on his electric guitar. Atmospheric is all, the melody is the most important part and solos are only part of the melody. Dancing Fantasy's tunes are catchy earwigs.

More of the known Dancing Fantasy style is to hear on  Feeling Of Flight. This is the easy sounding groovy DF as we know by their former releases. But Curtis also chooses this time the piano and gives  Bill Joseph Flynn's guitar play enough space.

Into The Deep Blue is obviously a reminisence to Eric Serra's great soundtrack Le Grand Blue (Big Blue). The second great filmmusician who has made several filmscores for the French regisseur Luc Besson

Guiding Lights is an uptempo tune with a strong propulsing drummachine beats. Bill Joseph Flynn's guitar showcases his talents with a long guitar solo.

Crystal Waterfalls is a dreamy soundscape  combining the typical Asialon and Strings sounds of the Roland keyboard with Bill Joseph Flynn's guitar.

The Sound Of Colours is an excursion to strange soundscapes unveiling York's sensitive tenor sax play framed by sitar sounds and Tibetian singsung.

Those expecting the typical sound will be surprised. Dancing Fantasy show a developement from constantly covering their own style to a more mulitifaceted performance. Still remaining in the tradition of Europe's keyboard history the variations know to please.




The musicians:
  • Curtis McLaw   -  Keyboards and Programming
  • Chris W. Williams - Keyboards and Programming
  • Bill Joseph Flynn - Guitars
  • York - Saxophones
  • Tom Bennecke - Guitar
  • Sam-Leigh Brown - Vocals 
  • Toshinori Kondo - Trumpet


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