Chris "Big Dog" Davis is one of the core producers of smooth jazz. After The Storm (2024) is Chris' second album in this genre and his first on Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records.

After severe cancer treatment, Chris feels his current situation is like After the Storm when the sun is mirrored in the rainbow.  "Iím reflecting upon coming out of the fear and darkness and seeing and feeling the vibration of the sun."

This concept album is based on his rich collection of smooth jazz tracks, from which he was originally asked to contribute to a label compilation for Jeff Lunt, Senior VP of Trippin' N' Rhythm. From the original 50 proposals, 13 great songs finally crystallized and found their way onto this album.

The album opens with Low Down, not to be confused with Bozz Scaggs' hit of the same name. Featured artist on this song is label mate Ryan LaValette, who doesn't pick up the guitar this time but expresses his multi-talent on the saxophone. Chris has tuned the piece down to the smallest detail and in this way stylizes the sound into a style icon.

On Easy Does It, he caresses the beautiful singer Vanessa Williams with silky sounds, gentle strings and cascades of elegant melodic lines on the piano. Wayne Bruce rounds off the impression with fine guitar riffs.

Brighter offers a successful mixture of hip hop rhythms and jazzy piano feel. Lin Rountree takes a stylistic approach with his trumpet, but also sets his own accents. Secrets appears mysterious, melody interwoven with improvisation, piano with Marqueal Jordan's sax. Everything is dynamics and mood.

Gerald Albright is one of the superstars of the smooth jazz scene. His performances are the highlight of every festival. With Heart and Soul, Chris and Gerald continue their fruitful collaboration full of routine and excellence.

Davis is not only a multi-instrumentalist but also a magician of sounds. On Dreams Of You, he develops a mood that could easily serve as the basis for a mesmerizing love song but can also stand on its own.

The approach of combining flamenco guitar music with hip hop rhythms and jazz is innovative. The realization on Passion with the highly talented flamenco virtuoso Derrick Hot Soss Cummings is however ingenious.

Chocolate Vanilla is a seductively sweet mixture on the one hand, but also a contrast on the other. Chris and his musical guest, saxophonist Randy Scott, manage the amalgamation of jazz and smooth jazz with impressive ease.

The title song comes across with a jaunty lightness that clearly resonates with relief at the difficult time. A little synthesizer, a little techno sound and Rick Braun on trumpet, as always in top form, complete everything perfectly.

Joyful Noise is a fast paced piece with Will Downing contributing some phrasing while Chris generates various instrumentalization. As awaited follows Dreams Of You as vocal alternative featuring songstress Selina Albright.

The album also contains two versions of In The Mood (DreamScape) with Joey Summerville on trumpet and flugelhorn. It's not a cover of Glen Miller's big band tune but penned by Chris himself. Something to dream and swing along to.

With his new album After The Storm, Chris "Big Dog" Davis is no longer just pulling the strings as a producer but is even more creative as an artist. More dominance, more inventive space but also more interaction are a welcomed benefit.







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Album Information

Title: After The Storm
Artist: Chris "Big Dog" Davis
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records


1) "Low Down ft Ryan LaValette" (4:19)
2) "Easy Does It ft Vanessa Williams and Wayne Bruce" (4:13)
3) "Brighter ft Lin Rountree" (4:00)
4) "Secrets ft Marqueal Jordan" (4:07)
5) "Heart And Soul ft Gerald Albright" (3:54)
6) "Dreams Of You" (3:56)
7) "Passion ft Derrick Hott Soss Cummings" (4:14)
8) "Chocolate Vanilla" (4:02)
9) "After The Storm ft Rick Braun" (4:19)
10) "Joyful Noise ft Will Downing" (3:23)
11) "In The Mood (DreamScape)" (4:12)
12) "Dreams Of You ft Selina Albright" (3:56)
13) "In The Mood (DreamScape)" (4:12)