The musical career of keyboardist Ray Bach began in 1989 with the album The Book Of Movie Scores, released in 1991 on the label IC / Digit. Soon followed his second album The Crossover (1992). When Ray asked me to assemble the songs for the compilation Lincoln Park - The Best Of Freeze Frame and to write the liner notes, I insisted to include songs from the beginning of his period of creation.

My assumption Ray would pull copies of the early CDs, turned out to be wrong. Instead he studied the original Master tapes to eventually re-master these tapes. He went into his archive and found an astonishing amount of final mixes, demos, multi track tapes and discs with sequence data.

After carefully remastering the old tapes or new mixing the tracks, the result is The Lost Book Of Moviescores (2016). Instrumental, new age, film music, ambient music and no  jazz at all. Enter The Wave Again has the freshness of his early years. Ray has developed his unique identity working out the special power of synthesizer.

The Arbitrary Dimension testifies his prowess with a stunning blend of various synths and layers. Sounds, we know from the 90's by Stevie Winwood's Arc Of A Diver, presented in a new context and a flawless performance. Leaving The Wave Again allures in harmonic depth of synth waves. A momentum of sounds.

Now & Then brings an Asian note into foreground with a complete orchestral arrangement in full blossom. The Inner Clockwork is ticking and there is no escape. Textured waves are flooding over the listener. A Samurai's Dream deserves the attribute beautiful in a complex wave structure. Cloudy Skies describes in all tones the wide field of view.

Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalucía and also the name of a mountain range in the Western United States. Ray does not transform the majestic of these regions in to tones but is lost in a dream melody. With more than nine minutes a long dream. Hypnotica lives from the tension between pizzicato and long distance tones.

Under The Surface In The Deep Blue Sea reminds of The Big Blue Overture by Eric Serra. Kings And Gods tends with its opulent and pompous grandiose character to film music. The harmonious synergy of Morning Star transforms human emotions into romantic vibrations.

The Lost Book Of Movie Score joins seamlessly with the first works of Ray Bach and forms a link between his first two albums. A must for friends of new age and ambient music.





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Album Information

Title: The Lost Book Of Movie Scores
Artist: Freeze Frame
Year: 2016
Length: 1:04:09
Genre: General Dance
 Laterne Tonträger

01 Enter The Wave Again [4:56]
02 The Arbitrary Dimension [3:45]
03 Lost & Found [6:06]
04 Leaving The Wave Again [4:15]
05 Now & Then [4:53]
06 The Inner Clockwork [4:12]
07 A Samurai's Dream [5:56]
08 Cloudy Skies [3:40]
09 Sierra Nevada [9:33]
10 Hypnotica [4:17]
11 Under The Surface In The Deep Blue Sea [4:52]
12 Kings And Gods [4:14]
13 Morning Star [3:30]

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