German keyboardist and pianist Michael Friedinger has studied at the music academies in Trossingen, Nuremberg and Stuttgart in the subjects of school music, jazz and composition/arrangement with piano as his main subject. He performed as a pianist and keyboarder in countless bands and projects between jazz, funk & soul, gospel, pop/rock, Cuban and Brazilian music as well as concerts and festivals in Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland, Poland. In March 2024 Michael will release his debut album Between Chairs.

He performed on this album piano, Rhodes, Hammond, Wurlitzer, synths. Further musicians on this album are Nico Schliemann (guitar), Ben Jud (electric bass), Stephan Schuchardt (drums), the Hot Damn Horns:  Christian Mück (trumpet), Christoph Beck (tenor sax) and Florian Seeger (trombone), furthermore Arno Haas (alto, soprano and baritone sax), Alvin Mills (electric bass and drums), Christoph Scherer (percussion), Fabiano Pereira (acoustic guitar), Fauzia Maria Beg (vocals), Stefan Koschitzki (flute), Marcel Gustke (drums) and Axel Kühn (acoustic bass).

The title of the album Between Chairs can be interpreted as the idea of intermediate spaces, transitions or contrasts, or also in the sense of different styles that unite on this album. The album opens with The Swuffle, a term that can be understood as a play on words between shuffle and waffle. Michael explains: "It's just a fusion of rock/funk shuffle in the A part and swing shuffle in the B part - in other words, swuffle." The horn-powered piece is full of energy and is reminiscent of groups like Tower of Power or Chicago.

Just as a cool breeze can provide relief in summer, Michael Friedinger celebrates his excellence on the keys of piano and synthesizer in particular on Cool Breeze. Isipisi is a term from the German youth slang for a relaxed mindset or attitude to life that is also expressed in action. In a figurative sense, it is characterized by the ease with which the musicians involved perform the music in a team spirit, with Arno Haas on the saxophone being outstanding.

A kiss? That's a nice gesture! On Um Beijo Michael flirts with melody and audience. With Time Together With You, Michael musically enjoys the moment of togetherness that should remain in the best of memories. Bug A Loo is another play on words. Behind it is a Latin American-influenced piece of the finest virtuosity.

Come A Little Closer is a phrase often used to invite someone to move nearer or to create a sense of intimacy. Friedinger and Mills find a common musical base of conversation. The Rhodes piano is an instrument that is particularly suitable for keyboard acrobats such as Peter Horvath, Rodney Lee or Jeff Lorber. On In Flight, Friedinger shows that he is also a master of this breathtaking perfection.

Bahia Nights reflects the vibrant and lively nightlife in Salvador da Bahia known for its rich culture, music, and dance filled with music, dancing, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of Brazilian culture. Junior is another pareforce ride of uptempo music that spreads a good mood.

Kindred Souls is the programmatic title of this piece of music, which once again emphasizes the commonality of musical interplay in complete harmony. The album comes to a gentle close with You Are My Home, in which Friedinger recites a sensitive melody on the piano.

Michael Friedinger's album Between Chairs stands out for its high quality and skillful piano, synth and other instrumental performances showcasing beautiful and emotive music that resonates with listeners and leaves a lasting impression.





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Album Information

Title: Between Chairs
Artist: Michael Friedinger
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Independent


1) "The Swuffle" (3:53)
2) "Cool Breeze" (5:36)
3) "Isipisi" (4:16)
4) "Um Beijo" (4:18)
5) "Time Together With You" (4:13)
6) "Bug A Loo" (4:18)
7) "Come A Little Closer" (4:00)
8) "In Flight" (5:02)
9) "Bahia Nights" (6:17)
10) "Junior" (4:51)
11) "Kindred Souls" (4:56)
12) "You are my Home" (4:06)