Tom Grant's Firefly from the collection Midnight Groove - The Art of Smooth Jazz was the first song, which draw my attention to Smooth Jazz in 1998. 12 years later I look at Tom's fantastic discography and his creativity makes me speechless. Meanwhile my national anthem is Angels Crossing from his album Edge Of The World, but who knows what kind of magic he creates next.

Now I have the answer. His new album is entitled Delicioso and as the title signals, we can await some really delicious treats. To support his mission Tom assembled a power team with Marion McClain, Dan Faehnle (guitars) and several more musicians. Let's taste it!

Luxurium can be described as luxury at a premium level. The starting song has that quantum of elegance and high definition we enjoy with great pleasure. Paul Mazzio's muted trumpet and Tom Grant's glittering piano line set the perfect mood.

The uplifting tune Cute New Car has just the right twist for the proud driver. Some tricky piano play, groovy synths and funny drum programming enlightens listeners heart.

Are you scared? Whistling In The Dark may help you. Great horns, Renato Caranto on splendid sax and above all top-notch pianist Tom Grant, who is aware of the ultimate recipe against fear.

Language Of Our Own is an awesome ballade featuring singer Shelly Rudolph in a fine arrangement. "When Shelly Rudolph sings, you can smell the smoke" is the headline of her website. I smell a lovely floral perfume.

With Delicioso Grant offers some delicious Spanish food. The swinging Bossa Nova features Dan Balmer's dreamy guitar chords and Grant's easy treat of the keys. Some more steps into the Brazilian music with Nature Walk enriched with some sound gimmicks.

The Dog Park surprises with a great range of technical jingles. Overall you feel the fun and happiness of the musicians. Escape Into Dreamland shows more of Tom Grant's lyrical approach to fine melodies comparable with artists like Jim Brickman or Dan Siegel, but this time a little defamiliarized with some oriental elements.

Dancing Heart has a classical attitude unfolding the piano as solo instrument in its full range. The love ballad Enamorata features wonderful singer Shelly Rudolph. Not only an invitation to fall in love with the longing person but with Tom Grant's appealing music.

The cozy Breathing In The Love casts waves of love and affection on the audience. Heidi's Song is Tom's dedication to his daughter. Originally recorded on his album In My Wildest Dreams (1992) it re-appeared on his album Reprise (2001) to change anew the style into a shorter solo piano piece on his new album. A tune of timeless beauty.

How can I attribute Tom Grant's new album? I wanna grow old with your music. If you are a piano lover, this one is a must for your collection. Worth the wait, colorful, blessed, brilliant. Tom's impeccable artistry truly shines on this CD.






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Album Information

Title: Delicioso
Artist: Tom Grant
Year: 2010
Length: 1:01:09
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Nu-Wrinkle Records


01 Luxurium [5:21]
02 Cute New Car [4:18]
03 Whistling In The Dark [4:21]
04 Language Of Our Own [4:54]
05 Lizard Lounge [5:41]
06 Delicioso [5:20]
07 Nature Walk [4:35]
08 The Dog Park [5:19]
09 Escape Into Dreamland [3:59]
10 Dancing Heart [3:35]
11 Enamorata [3:55]
12 Breathing In The Love [5:13]
13 Heidi's Song [4:38]


Mystified (1976), You Hardly Know Me (1980), Tom Grant (1983), Heart of the City (1984), Just The Right Moment (1985), Take Me to Your Dream ( 1986), Night Charade (1987), Mango Tango (1988), Edge of the World (1990), In My Wildest Dreams (1992), The View From Here (1993), Hands (1994), Instinct (1995), Have Yourself a Merry Little... (1996), Lip Service (1997), Tune It In (2000), Reprise (2001), Santa Claus Is Going To Town (2001), Solo Piano (2003), Nice Work If You Can Get It (2004), Side By Side(2005) Winter Warm (2007), Life Is Good (2008), Delicioso (2010).