Euge Groove is back with his tenth album and his fifth for Shanachie Entertainment. His new album Still Euge (2016) is a commitment to his musical roots, the genre with which he is grown and his own person as professional musician.

His album is among the elaborately produced. Under the surrounding countless musicians are Tracey Carter and Cassandra O'Neal (Rhodes, piano), Cornelius "Corny" Mims (bass), Chuck Loeb, Peter White, Paul Jackson Jr., John "Jubu" Smith and Adam Hawley (guitars), Trevor Lawrence and Dan Needham (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Rahsan Patterson and Oleta Adams (vocals), Lee Thornburg (trumpet, French horn), Nick Lane (trombone), Phillipe Saisse (strings).

When spiritual loveliness is a tone, then Euge Groove hits it right on the opening Twelfth Night. His soprano sax sounds like a joyful singing bird, completely unbridled, no compromising, but exuberant in its transgression. The title song takes off with a jamming B3 before Euge blows his tenor sax. Making old school to something new or carrying the flame of jam into the future is his intention.

Indian Tablas rhythm meets Western soprano sax on the slow swaying Coffee And A Kiss. Perfect Moment (1998) was my first Peter White album, a sonic gold nugget. Peter and Euge are performing on many live shows together. So the door is open for Another Perfect Moment featuring Peter White on nylon string guitar, the essence of a professional connectivity.

The soulful Much Love features singer Rahsaan Patterson who shines with breathtaking voice and intelligent vocal arrangement. R&B music with extraordinary depth. Let's Chill jumps the bandwagon with the emotive word. Euge allures with known smooth jazz flavor. And I Thank You (Mom And Dad) is obviously a matter truly dear to Euge's heart, his family deserves this wonderful musical tribute.

Push It Forward is not the reinvention of the wheel. Euge is successful and comfortable in his stylistic skin and the soprano sax is a soft brush with which one can perfectly paint colorful melodies. Guitarist Adam Hawley brings a raw note into the song. On Love, Passion And Joy Euge and Lee Thornburg (East Bay Soul) create harmonized horn arrangements of the finest. Lee is always a valuable asset in the bargain.

Oleta Adams, famous by the impassioned hit single Get Here, collaborates with Euge on Flower. Oleta Adams has mastered the transition from a singer to one of the brightest stars under America's jazz divas. And I Thank You (Reprise) reawakes the warm organic feeling of a true family.

With Still Euge saxophonist Euge Groove stays faithfully to his solid smooth jazz style. Groove is the pinnacle of his game, but opening new horizons would illuminate his future artistic path.





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Album Information

Title: Still Euge
Artist: Euge Groove
Year: 2016
Length: 0:55:19
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment

01 Twelfth Night [5:39]
02 Still Euge (Featuring Chuck Loeb) [5:18]
03 Coffee And A Kiss [4:34]
04 Another Perfect Moment (Featuring Peter White) [6:00]
05 Much Love (Featuring Rahsaan Patterson) [4:27]
06 Let's Chill [5:56]
07 And I Thank You (Mom And Dad) [4:18]
08 Push It Forward (Featuring Adam Hawley) [5:04]
09 Love, Passion And Joy [6:13]
10 Flower (Featuring Oleta Adams) [6:36]
11 And I Thank You (Reprise) [1:14]

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