An exotic colorful cover attracts people and make them curious. Kudos to Gérald Bonnegrace for the wise selection of Clément Laurentin's excellent picture for G's Way's new album.

The Parisian group G's Way consists of Gérald "GG" Bonnegrace (percussions, trumpet, trombone, keys) Thierry "JP Groov" Jean-Pierre (bass), Stefane Goldman (guitar), Sylvain "Sly" Fetis (tenor and baritone saxophone) and Sonny Troupé (drums). Their debut album  Seventy Seven (2012) has the status of an insider. Hopefully that will change with the sophomore album Patchwork (2014).

It sounds like an old legend from ancient times. Once Upon A Time is not a fairy tale, but throw waves in the style of Curtis Mayfield or Fela Ransome Kuti. Is it jazz, is it funk or is it just African? Take It Easy has that certain groove beyond all musical borders. Lorenz Rainer shines on trumpet.

On Manikou the group steps further on Africa's path with that swinging Kuti rhythm still setting own accents with an incredible instrumental presence. Aleksander Terris on organ is the featured soloist. Jam Session is concentrated vitality with powerful horn and percussion insert. Fine highlights by Sylvain "Sly" Fetis on baritone sax, Thomas Koenig on flute and Lorenz Rainer on trumpet. A real paradise for percussion fans.

War Games makes it even more powerful in a crescendo of percussion and horns. One Nation is a vocal impact by Kohndo, known as one of the best lyricist in French rap. Sainte-Marie is built on a Cabasa and rubboard driven rhythm, added with harmonic horn segments and further decorated with a jazzy going xylophone. Kim Helped Me starts as Curtis Mayfield flavored piece with horn harmonies and wah guitar before Trevor Mires explodes on trombone turning the piece into a multi­cultural sound cascade.

On Took So Long Melina Jones offers her rap experience embedded in a broad horn segmentation. Gotcha starts with Nicolas Liesnard's little Rhodes theme, gets some disco feeling, pupates in a funky shell and meanders into Fetis' outstanding sax solo. The Perfect Getaway features multitalented singer Bruce Sherfield with his own view of things. On Space Invaders the group presents in the style of UK's top act Incognito. A good chance for Electro Deluxe keyboardist Gaël Cadoux to spread his magic on Rhodes.

The title Patchwork describes meaningfully and aptly what the listener awaits at G's Way's new album. A musical diversity that can be found in their extent only in Paris. This mixture of styles is a demanding challenge for any listener who seeks the new or is missing the old.







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Album Information

Title: Patchwork
Artist: G's Way
Year: 2014
Length: 0:60:26
Genre: Fusion Jazz
Label: G's Way

01 Once Upon A Time [6:19]
02 Take It Easy (Featuring Lorenz Rainer) [4:20]
03 Manikou (Featuring Aleksander Terris) [6:54]
04 Jam Session (Featuring Thomas Koening & Lorenz Rainer) [5:29]
05 War Games [4:53]
06 One Nation (Featuring Kohndo) [3:39]
07 Sainte-Marie [3:46]
08 Kim Helped Me (Featuring Trevor Mires) [4:42]
09 Took So Long (Featuring Melina Jones) [3:41]
10 Gotcha [4:55]
11 The Perfect Getaway (Featuring Bruce Sherfield) [3:53]
12 Space Invaders (Featuring Gaël Cadoux) [7:55]

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