Dutch jazz guitarist Lou Guldemond plays currently with his own band and the band Licks And Brains. His debut album That's It! was released in 2012. His new album In Time was released in May, 2022.

Lou is accompanied by Arjen Mooijer (piano, synthesizer), Boudewijn Lucas (bass), Rolf Delfos (sax), Karel Boehlee (piano), Jel Jongen (trumpet, trombone), Jim Guldemond (guitar), and Michel Van Schie (drum programming, additional keyboards).

Lou has written and arranged all songs. Additional arranging are created by Michel Van Schie and Arjen Mooijer. The title song opens the album with popular riffs giving signs to welcome the smooth jazz audience.

Time Flies is the appropriate title for the fact that a decade has passed between the two albums. Lou takes a musical motif and runs it through harmonic changes. A tantalizing break follows in the middle of the track before the piece meanders back into harmonies.

La Conexion (The Connection) delivers Latin-influenced music in an exhilarating Bossa Nova style. The musical progression is fluid and reveals polished routine. Three of a Kind is a term that comes from the card game. Transferred to the musical realm, three like-minded people have found their way to tonal harmony.

It's About Time is usually titled music when you have simply waited too long with a release. Lou looks for yin and yang, busy and quiet, to link together. Rolf Delfos shines on sax on this electrifying piece.

Na Praia means in Portuguese on the beach and is dedicated to the Brazilian way of life with Samba rhythms. With Slow Fuss, Lou lets it simmer slowly. Long Island is Lou's musical tribute to the island in New York State, which has so manifold faces and so many similarities.

Kind of Blues is Lou's approach to the musical style, which as a musical form of utterance often expresses melancholy, but is also the root of numerous other musical styles. Mind Your Step is intended as a well-intentioned reminder to take care with your steps. Lou does not always play it safe but leaves the path of the given melody to free himself with improvisations in a solo way.

Lou Guldemond's new album In Time loves it more dignified compared to his debut album. But even at an advanced age, it's okay to get carried away.









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Album Information

Title: In Time
Artist: Lou Guldemond
Year: 2022
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Independent


1) In Time (5:28)
2) Time Flies (4:52)
3) La Conexion (4:46)
4) Three of a Kind (4:25)
5) It's About Time (4:09)
6) Na Praia (4:05)
7) Slow Fuss (4:44)
8) Long Island (3:52)
9) Kind of Blues (5:39)
10) Mind Your Step (4:50)


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