Connecticut-born saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Ingala has already released five albums: North End Soul (2010), Can't Stop Now (2012), Coast To Coast (2015)  Christmas (2016) and Personal Touch (2018), produced on the prestigious label Shanachie Entertainment. He now continues on this label with Echoes of the Heart (2020).

Vincent performs on the album besides his sax various other instruments. He is joined on selected tracks by Dan Hendrix (trombone), Chris Geith (acoustic piano, keyboards and synth programming), DW3 (background vocals), Sam Sims (bass guitar), David Benoit (acoustic piano), Pat Lennon (trumpet), and Steve Oliver (nylon string guitar).

Caught Me by Surprise is the aptly titled beginner of the album. After numerous performances, it is certain that Vincent is a crafty entertainer who quickly captivates his audience. This ability is also reflected in his music, which absolutely has that certain something that is often missing in the music of other musicians.

Maybe You Think has its roots in the R&B era of the 70s with rhythm and bass, while the tune-leading saxophone is not averse to the smooth jazz of modern times. The title song features keyboardist Chris Geith, who is a member of Vincent's live band. The first collaboration between both and what shall I say, it works!

What's Option B? is a fast pulsing rhythm-enhanced tune which encapsulates the vibrant energy of guitarist Ingala. Ready or Not is a hit single by the group After 7 taken from their debut album (1989). Vincent's rendition perfectly captured the spirit of the original. Somewhere in Time is a lovely ballad with Vincent on soprano saxophone and David Benoit as star guest on piano.

Let's Go Back presents a fine tuned horn arrangement with Ingala's sax, Pat Lennon on trumpet and Dan Hendrix on trombone. A tonal greeting to the glory days of big bands. Take Your Time is a bopper's delight with a funky attitude. Baby, Baby is a song by Amy Grant from her album Heart In Motion (1991). The pop song became Grant's second number-one hit in the pop charts. Vincent takes on this song in the manner known from smooth jazz, replacing the voice with the saxophone as lead instrument. Do old brooms sweep well?

Sunset on Marco is dedicated to late Dr. Nancy Cappello, a shining light in the fight against breast cancer. She and her husband have hosted numerous holidays for Vincent and his family on Marco Island. Together with guitarist Steve Oliver he creates the cozy atmosphere Vincent remembers with pleasure.

Vincent Ingala keeps with Echoes of the Heart his promises and establishes himself more and more as an integral member of the music scene.







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Album Information

Title: Echoes Of The Heart
Artist: Vincent Ingala
Year: 2020
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1 Caught Me by Surprise 4:01
2 Maybe You Think 3:42
3 Echoes of the Heart (feat. Chris Geith) 3:58
4 What's Option B? 3:38
5 Ready or Not 4:16
6 Somewhere in Time (feat. David Benoit) 4:04
7 Let's Go Back 3:42
8 Take Your Time 4:05
9 Baby, Baby 4:01
10 Sunset on Marco (feat. Steve Oliver) 4:25