Jeff Lorber is one of the most sought-after keyboardists in the field of smooth jazz. His signature can be found on hundreds of albums in this genre. But his heart still beats for fusion jazz. His new album The Drop is therefore a project of the well-known formation Jeff Lorber Fusion.

Jeff Lorber has joined forces with his long-time musical colleague bassist Jimmy Haslip. He received further support from Gary Novak (drums), Cornelius Mims (bass), Randal Clark
(alto sax), Paul Jackson Jr. (rhythm guitar), Mark Lettieri (guitars), and David Mann (horn arrangements).

The album opens with the title song. A horn-loaded bass-powered fast running fire tune that brings to mind why we love Lorber's music so much and what the Lorber factor is in music. Each of the instruments seems to have a life of its own and is bursting with energy. Randal Clark, who will soon release a new solo album, shows on sax an irrepressible capacity for expression.

The title Altered State makes you wonder? Where is the alterity in this piece? Perhaps it is the slowed down tempo that focuses the attention on the expressive melody or can the atmospheric be given more access?

New Mexico is a state that Jeff wanted to honor with its own song. Originally buried in his Pro Tools archives, he found it worthy of inclusion on the album. One can only say, why not earlier?

 If you are not travelling by plane, taking the bus is an alternative. On the Bus is Jeff's very own road song. The melody thus joins the great songs that convey the feeling of distance and yes, a certain proximity to Pat Metheny's early work is probably intentional.

Hang Tight means being in the waiting position for something bigger. What one waits for remains the individual decision of each person. The main thing is to have fun.

Jeff Lorber grew up in Philadelphia, a combination of two Greek names for brother and love. The famous city of the Philly sound, jazz and blues. Liberty is a reference to the Liberty Bell located at 526 Market street. Lorber's Rhodes piano also makes a tonal association to the bell and Mark Lettieri's guitar gives echoes of Eric Clapton.

With the dynamic song Keep On Moving, Jeff Lorber appeals not to stand still and also to dare something new musically. The invitation of Mark Lettieri, the guitarist of Snarky Puppy, can be seen as a stroke of luck.

Also ingenious is the use of the title Mindshare for Jeff Lorber's virtuoso parade through his fleet of rides. Lorber's syncopated style finds a contrast in his elegant piano run on the last tune Tail Lights.

Jeff Lorber counts many jazz pianists among his idols, such as Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, but he himself has already become an icon in his long career. His new album The Drop adds to this impression with Lorber's premium music.







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Album Information

Title: The Drop
Artist: Jeff Lorber Fusion
Year: 2023
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1) "The Drop" (3:53)
2) "Altered State" (3:55)
3) "New Mexico" (4:06)
4) "On the Bus" (3:34)
5) "Hang Tight" (3:51)
6) "Liberty" (4:22)
7) "Keep on Moving" (3:32)
8) "Mindshare" (3:51)
9) "Reception" (4:05)
10) "Tail Lights" (3:24)

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