Philadelphia native Gail Jhonson is an in-demand keyboardist since several years. That was a natural result of her move to Los Angeles. After her work for Morris Day (The TIME) and Norman Brown she is a vivid factor in the smooth jazz scene. She started her solo career with the album Keep The Music Playing (2004), followed by Pearls (2008) on nuGroove Records. This year she makes waves with HerStory at the label 111 East Music.

Gail Johnson is supported by Lin Rountree (trumpet), Tamira Khyrah-joi (vocals), Tom Braxton (sax), Dwayne Smitty Smith (bass) and more. ”My story begins with her story...this is dedicated to you Mom!’ is the explanation of the title, a give back for her mother's hard work.

Make It Happen is the first revelation of Gail's mesmerizing talent as composer and performer. Especially to the end of the song, when she starts improvising is the real deal. The keytar is one of Gail's favorite instruments. A keytar is a relatively lightweight keyboard (with or without a built-in synthesizer) that is supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders, similar to the way a guitar is supported by a strap. That way a keyboardist can use the stage for greater moves. El
ectric Lady features this instrument.

Crusin' After Dark fills the gap between Jazz (Lin Rountree) and R&B (Tamira Khyrah-joi) with Gail's brilliant keyboard mastery. On Dear Aaron Dwayne Smitty Smith adds some funky bass licks, but the real queen on keys is Gail on the piano presenting exquisite soloing.

On Still Care About Me Gail Jhonson surprises with her own sensual vocals. This One is another co-operation of Gail and Lin Rountree staring Lin on trumpet. A real drummer would certainly be a good replacement for the often used programmed drums.

The dreamy For Your Mom is Gail's personal tribute to her beloved mother. “I can’t thank her enough for that. That’s kind of my motto now – Mom, the piano lessons will pay off, and Dad, its okay to let your daughter play jazz.” Herstory offers relaxed piano jazz for smooth creation. On the jam packed Do Something Else Gail speed up the song riding the whirlwind. Finally she showcases with Dee's Dance her musical prowess and a great variation of keyboards sounds.

With HerStory Gail Jhonson shows once more the breathtaking musicality of her solo work. For those of you who prefer smooth jazz this album is certainly an attraction.





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Album Information

Title: HerStory
Artist: Gail Jhonson
Year: 2011
Length: 0:43:56
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: 111 East Music

01 Make It Happen [3:44]
02 Electric Lady [4:34]
03 Crusin' After Dark [4:13]
04 Dear Aaron [4:14]
05 Still Care About Me [4:16]
06 This One [4:07]
07 For Your Mom [5:45]
08 Herstory [5:28]
09 Do Something Else [3:30]
10 Dee's Dance [4:05]

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