Evolution is the keyword for saxophonist Jackiem Joyner. Baby Soul (2007), Lil’ Man Soul (2008), Jackiem Joyner (2010) and Church Boy (2012) are step stones to what Jackiem is today. With the upcoming Evolve (2014) he marks his current level of development.

“Music evolves, including jazz. All types of sound evolve. So do people and our imaginations. That is what I tried to put on tape. Evolve captures the changes in my musical mind and how I have evolved as an artist,” explains multi-instrumentalist Jackiem Joyner.

On his new album are appearing sax player Gerald Albright and keyboardist Keiko Matsui. Joyner’s touring band Kayta Matsuno (guitar), Tim Bailey (bass), Bill Steinway (keyboard) and Raymond Johnson (drums) add their signature on several cuts. On Generation Next Jackiem touches with his emotional sax blows well embedded in a group of orchestral strings.

On Europa Jackiem welcomes keyboard­wizard Keiko Matsui, who brings her own style into the album with powerful keystrokes. On Double Bass Joyner opposes his programmed bass to the one of Tim Bailey. Breathe shines with a splendid horn arrangement created by Jackiem, Paul Nowell (trombone) and iLya Serov (trumpet).

The album takes a powerful turn to a mighty sound on Evolve with riffs of distortion guitar sound, strong sax blows and keyboard chords fitting nicely into the overall impression. Born To Fly follows this context influenced by the music of the band Linkin Park. The rock inspiration peppers up the album in a entertaining way.

Later Tonight reduces the tempo to a mellow R&B ballade. Joyner’s brilliant arrangement talent excels with perfect overdubs. See Through Me offers an emotional melody under layered by a marching band rhythm and strings. Why does a sax player invite another sax player to his recording? Gerald Albright gives the answer on Big Step with his unmistakable style adapted by Joyner in a funky way. With the sensible A Gentle Walk on Water Jackiem returns to calmer waters.

With Evolve Jackiem Joyner reveals the willingness and ability to share his talent with other sax legends at the forefront of smooth jazz. It's up to promoters and listeners to become familiar with this great genius.







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Album Information

Title: Evolve
Artist: Jackiem Joyner
Year: 2014
Length: 0:45:14
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Artistry Music

01 Generation Next [4:21]
02 Europa [4:52]
03 Double Bass [4:32]
04 Breathe [6:25]
05 Evolve [4:08]
06 Born to Fly [3:57]
07 Interlude [0:58]
08 Later Tonight [4:05]
09 See Through Me [4:16]
10 Big Step [5:25]
11 A Gentle Walk on Water [2:13]

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