World guitarist Reza Khan is highly regarded in music industry. Known for his jazz fusion and smooth jazz style he has already released the albums Painted Diaries (2008), A Simple Plan (2011), The Dreamwalker (2013), Wind Dance (2016), Next Train Home (2019)  and Imaginary Road (2021). His newest project is entitled Mystical (2024).

With the insatiable impetus of absolute perfection, he has created a new masterpiece with numerous well-known musicians. In this endeavor he received great support from the experienced producer and multi-instrumentalist David Mann and top musicians such as Bob James, Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Keiko Matsui, Philippe Saisse and Nils Jiptner. The studio musicians Bernd Schoenhardt (acoustic guitar), Gary Novak (drums), Brian Dunne (drums), Brendan Rothwell (bass), Mel Brown (bass), Jennifer Grimm (vocals), Mark Egan (bass), and Lionell Cordew (drums), should not go unmentioned.

The album starts with Falcon. A melodious song that glides through the air like a graceful bird of prey, then picks up speed to increase into fusion jazz. Jeff Lorber shows off his muscles and masterfully plays the keyboard with breathtaking elegance.

The title track convinces with transcendental guitar music that moves into spherical regions without losing touch with the melody. David Mann's solo on the soprano saxophone seamlessly joins Khan's guitar performance and takes the song to a new high point.

The language of love is universal and transcends words. It is seen in the way we look at each other, the gentle touch of a hand, a warm embrace, and a loving smile. It is expressed through acts of kindness, compassion, and understanding. The music especially interpreted by David's soprano and tenor sax and by Bob James' piano excellence is an adequate form of expression.

Catalina's Dream is a reference to the Annual Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival, which has a long tradition of keeping the smooth jazz genre alive. Phillipe Saisse demonstrates the full spectrum of his creative skills on the piano. Bahia Mamma features the singer Jennifer Grimm, who has already made a name for herself with jazz interpretations. The flair of this song is based on an amalgam of Brazilian vibrating atmosphere, Reza's sonorous guitar and Jennifer's touching voice.

Rising is an impressive example of musical question and answer between David Mann on sax and Reza Khan on guitar. In this way, a flow is created that radiates captivating magic. Reza meets Nils on Look at the Bride Side. Since the legendary music recordings of George Benson and Earl Klugh or Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton, such collaborations have been a particular delicacy.

Strumming is a guitar technique where you brush or pluck the strings with your fingers or a pick to produce a rhythmic pattern. Of course, Reza's guitar interpretation is at the center of Strum, but the star of this piece is the phenomenal Keiko Matsui, who celebrates the poetic nature of her performance on the piano.

Positivity is a mental attitude characterized by an optimistic outlook and a focus on the good things in life. This instrumental piece lives especially from the timbre of Mark Egan's bass, but also from the lively performances of Reza and David, which are extremely fitting for the title. Final tune is Whispering Trees, a guitar piece orchestrated by David Mann and performed by Reza Khan. Khan explains, “Whispering trees is a metaphor for the secrets and wisdom of nature, and how they can calm and heal us.”

Reza Khan's album Mystical is full of beautiful moments. As diverse as the world, it is a musical reflection of this highly talented globetrotter.







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Album Information

Title: Mystical
Artist: Reza Khan
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Painted Media LLC


1) "Falcon" (5:14)
2) "Mystical" (5:03)
3) "Language of love" (5:04)
4) "Catalina's Dream" (5:20)
5) "Bahia Mama" (5:10)
6) "Rising" (3:56)
7) "Look at the bright side" (3:56)
8) "Strum" (4:46)
9) "Positivity" (5:24)
10) "Whispering Trees" (3:17)


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