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Kloud 9 are the brothers Kelvis and Kendall Duffie. Originally performing together as part of a 4-member contemporary gospel outfit, the brothers found themselves working on the industry side of things, being involved in radio promotions, artist development and production after some time. The group started in 1999 with a first single, which was released on  a compilation project entitled Soul Stepp’n on the UK label Expansion Records.

Kloud 9 is celestic music for a fastidious audience. Why the K instead of C in the name? Because they are something unusual and to symbolize the K in the pre-names of the twin brothers. Kendall Duffie describes their music as a mixture of R&B, Adult Soul and Smooth Jazz. Their models were artists like Incognito, Sade, Loose Ends, Isley Brothers, The Whispers, Maysa Leak or Lala Hathaway. Now, they themselves stand in the footlights and I can promise their music deserves your attention.

The album On Kloud 9 is with 16 tracks and 66:14 minutes a full-sized pack. The album starts with Can't Stop Thinking About You. This track will also be the first single of this album released on a new compilation CD entitled “With This Ring-Forever I Do” which will be distributed worldwide through Zomba Recording Corporation in March 2002.  Melodic guitar and keyboard sounds are melting with Kelvis and Kendall's smooth vocals to a soft love song, mellow like velvet and satin.

If You Ever is a more uptempo follow-up. The rhythm-emphatic piece impresses with a dynamic vocal interpretation, especially the female background singers get my admiration. 

Never Knew, a contemporary urban lovesong, is sailing along the sky.

That's How Love Should Be shows that the Duffie-brothers know their work and the music of their time. A perfect arrangement, special beat and  musical performance combined with a hooking melody let you head-bobbing and footstomping. 

Let's Not Lose features Karen Bernod. Kendall describes it as "a feel-good tune addressing the importance of relationships, the difficulties therein and making a declaration to not lose what you have". Most recently Karen traveled abroad to perform and record with D'Angelo and Erykah Badu. Two ground breaking artists who both broadened the minds of those who might not have been exposed to the Old School sounds of Soul music otherwise. Karen also has three featured cuts on Incognito's current CD No Time Like The Future Marrakech- More Of Myself and Yesterday's Dream. You will like her jazzy timbre.

On the contemplative Priority Kelvis and Kendall strive for the love of an admired lover with the power of their soul-stirring vocals.

This continues on  Soul Mate. But now we have a jazzy break by Kirk Whalum's sax solo. Can mellowness be softer as on this ingratiating tune?

On Kloud 9-Interlude is a presentation of a DJ of the imaginary (?) station WKLD.9 based on the title tune in an abridged version.

Can you imagine Soul Music combined with Incognito's brass? No? Than listen to Promise. This tune was produced by Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunik, who added his typical brass sound. His label Rice Records has just published a new website, worth a visit.

Gentle like a summer-breeze approaches With Me. Kelvis and Kendall 's vocals caresses ears and mind of the audience.

On Make you mine Saxophonist Kirk Whalum showcases anew his skills, although we all  would like more of this stuff on a love song. 

Mercy Of Your Love presents more of the sensual longing well-expressed by the soon famous twin brothers.

Listen to some french of an unknown woman on A Moment. Naturally Kelvis and Kendall are singing about a moment with the beloved woman.

Lullalaby For K.C. is the only instrumental tune on this album. After so many vocal tunes I am a little surprised. Certainly a welcome alternation, especially because Kelvis and Kendall showcases more of their instrumental skills. 

What an atmospheric intro into the title song On Kloud 9. Muted trumpet and a jazzy femal vocal accompanied by a rich string set and a perling piano are the incredients of this vehicle driving us directly into heaven.

Keep Me Coming Around, mmh. That's something of Incognito 's feeling and groove. I haven't seen the cd-booklet yet, but  it was obviously inspired or produced by Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunik

This album is especially for fans of Adult Soul and R&B. Cream-bonnet are the Smooth Jazz complements, which reveal its outstanding musical position.




 Additional note about the female singers by Kendal Duffie:

  • The female on "If you ever" and "Mercy of your love" is Fetrice Ewell, she is from San Diego, CA and sings backup for an american gospel artist by the name of Tonex who is on Verity Records.

  •  The female on "Soul Mate" and "On Kloud 9" is Kim Flemming, she is
    from Nashville, TN and sings backup for Country music star Wynonna Judd

  • The female on "With Me" is Karen Bernod, who is also featured on "Let's not lose".

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