Musical genius Jason Miles is always on the quest to new soundshores. He met DJ Logic at the Moogfest in October 2006. Miles remembers: "I was having a bad week and then he called me and said ‘do you want to play a show at the Blue Note together?’ I said ‘sure, when?’ He said ‘tonight’ – so we did a show starting at 1 AM, which was great." Next in row was a concert of both in Marrakech, where they developed the idea of their debut album Global Noize (2008).

Miles shares, “We went through life-altering experiences. It was so new to us - mysterious, crazy and another view of the world. We both knew we had to make this project happen. The picture on the CD cover of the both of us with the camel in the desert says it all!”

The duo is joined by female singer Falu. Hailing from Bombay she is known by her genre-defining hybrid "Indie Hindi" musical style. Since 2008 they are touring together and Falu also contributed three standout tracks to their self-titled album released in Spring 2008.

Their sophomore album, A Prayer for the Planet is scheduled for release on August 23, 2011 via Lightyear/EMI. The album will be released June 11, 2011 in Europe on Art of Groove Records/MIG.

A Prayer For The Planet combines the intention to support the efforts for a better world with the sultry world music of Global Noize featuring the erotic vocals of Bombay native singer Falu. Somehow we are going back to the time of Woodstock people.

The turntable driven 21st Century Preacherman whips the listeners through a mélange of contemporary jazz and lounge. When the hectic traffic of the rush hour meets the lotus flower floating in the morning light, then you might be in the city of the Japanese Capital. Tokyo Sunrise musically encompasses the mood of time, location and movement.

Dive deeper into the Indian flavored music with Charismalove. Take a dose of Lee Oskar spirited harmonica, add some Daburka drumming and Falu's bewitching vocals, then you experience Viva La Femme, an ode to the fair sex. Walking On Air offers some lifted flutation.

Experimental in sound Global Noize sets with Rios (A Riot In Outer Space) another example for innovative ways to heat your musical interest. The late Joe Zawinul would be proud about it. Hip Hop for the Indian market? Wanna B With U combines both elements to a conjuring brew. Natuerza E Paz (Nature And Peace) is a short journey into Brazilian music reminding of Jason Miles' fantastic album Brazilian Nights. The album fades out with the contemplative jazz fusion piece Cosmic Hug.

A Prayer for the Planet is not a party album. Beyond the usual music streams Global Noize opens new ways to fascinating sound experiences. This music demands your complete attention.





Album Information

Title: A Prayer For The Planet
Artist: Global Noize (Jason Miles, DJ Logic & Falu)
Year: 2011
Length: 0:49:15
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Art Of Groove


01 A Prayer For The Planet [4:58]
02 21st Century Preacherman [4:37]
03 Tokyo Sunrise [3:13]
04 Charismalove [4:35]
05 Viva La Femme [5:29]
06 Walking On Air [5:58]
07 Rios (A Riot In Outer Space) [5:23]
08 Wanna B With U [5:20]
09 Natuerza E Paz (Nature And Peace) [4:20]
10 Cosmic Hug [5:21]

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