Spring not only brings flowers into bloom, but also numerous music releases. Composer, producer and keyboardist Nathan Mitchell presents his new album Gentle and Smooth on Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records.

His previous works are For All Eternity (2012), The Love and Passion Collection (2014), Smooth Groove (2018), Soulmate (2019), Love Languages (2021), Live from the DMV (2022) and  It's My Time (2022).

Guest musicians on this album are Lemek, Ryan La Valette, Adrian Crutchfield, Ragan Whiteside, Najee, Skinny Hightower and Chelsey Greene.

The album opens with the well-crafted title track, which immediately spreads the sun's rays of good vibes. Featured artist is young talented guitarist Lemek drawing listeners in with his expressive playing and intricate and passionated style.

Just Coolin is the first single of the album introducing another label mate, Ryan La Valette on guitar. Ryan is an instrumental musical multi-talent who created echoes in music market with his debut album New Beginnings.

Adrian Crutchfield was the last saxophonist who performed with Prince. The heavyweight Smack Dat! is tailor-made for his funky groove-blowing style. Queen is based on a rhythm loop that serves as the starting point for Nathan's piano excursions. Ragan Whiteside accompanies him on the flute with graceful excellence. A classic moment of surprise at the end.

Solo piano and snare drums driven with jazz brooms are the emulsions of Positive Vibes. A contemplative melody. Chocolate Drop is not just for foodies. At the heart of this acoustic delicacy is the catchy rhythm, which is linked to various impressive solos.

The sweetness continues with Taste Of Honey not to be confused with Herb Alpert's version. Nathan's compositional skills are also evident on One Touch, where piano and synth combine to create an epic sonic painting.

Just A Vibe has a Latin American flair combining the talents of Najee on flute and Skinny Hightower on vibes. So in Love with You reveals the somewhat unusual sound mix between keys and electric violin performed by the enchanting Chelsey Green. A succesful experiment in sound.

With Gentle And Smooth, Nathan Mitchell has once again demonstrated the range of his work that characterizes him as a prestigious musician.








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Album Information

Title: Gentle and Smooth
Artist: Nathan Mitchell
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records


1) "Gentle and Smooth feat Lemek" (4:14)
2) "Just Coolin feat Ryan La Valette" (4:34)
3) "Smack Dat! feat Adrian Crutchfield" (4:26)
4) "Queen feat Ragan Whiteside" (4:04)
5) "Positive Vibes" (4:16)
6) "Chocolate Drop" (5:34)
7) "Taste Of Honey" (4:07)
8) "One Touch" (4:02)
9) "Just A Vibe feat Najee and Skinny Hightower" (5:06)
10) "So In Love With You feat Chelsey Green" (4:58)