Cathi Ogden


out there ...

Cathi Ogden is a new artist from Australia first appearing as guest-singer on albums of the groups Nite Flyte (Ascension) and Espirito (Peace Of Mind - your're the one) and of Louise (Elbow Beach). Cathi came to UK after a distinguished career for her live work in Australia where her following from concerts and TV work took her to Amerika to sing for Bill Clinton. She also worked with Lenny Henry and is much respected on the Australian Jazz scene where she has worked with James Morrison.

With the invaluable support of Ralph Tee and the energy of Tony Campbell (Nite Flyte) Cathi could fullfil her dream of a solo project. No, she's not a second Kylie Minogue. Cathi 's model may be singer like Sade or Maysa. So she understands to involve jazzy parts on her tunes to create a fantastic Smooth Jazz album, which is also salable for the Pop music market.

The first ballade Heart Strings features Arden Hart's  silky trumpet and Cathi's seductive vocals. Cathi doubles the pleasure of her voice in a perfect chorus arrangement.

If I'm In The Mood is the story of an incalculable but emotional woman of modern time. A role which may fit to Cathi? Ask her husband Andrew.

Easy To Adore introduces some Latin rhytms into this album. Remarkable Gary Barnacle 's short flute solo. Cathi has a great feeling for hooky melodies.

More uptempo is the next tune I Can't Last A Day. A wonderful guitar solo gives this tune a special varnish.

It's A Feel Thing is a song about floating in emotions just keeping the mood of moment. Creamy top is Gary Barnacle's Sax solo.

Shorter Straw presents Fridrik Karlson on Lead Guitar in a skillfull attitude. Who holds the shorter straw? Definetely not Cathi.

Company, another love song, demonstrates Cathi's ability for moody tones perfectly arranged and instrumentalised.

Time Will Wait is a sensitive song of a desperate woman finding new hope. 

Your Love may be a special confession of love to Cathi's husband. A big praise goes at this place of the review to all musicians who are playing on this album in such a harmony not disturbing Cathi's awesome voice.

Out There brings more tempo into the album. A further manifestation of Cathi's positive attitude to live.

Fate is a cajolerish ballade for ears and mind.

Finally A Memory to a beloved person of past. In this slowtempo ballade Cathi mediates the impression of a vocalist with a great future. Cathi has found the right musicians to realize an outstanding debut album, that hardly will be outdone. 






The musicians:
  • Cathi Ogden - Vocals
  • Gary Barnacle - Alto, Soprano Sax and Flute
  • Arden Hart - Trumpet
  • Fridrik Karlson - Guitar
  • Julian Hinton - Piano
  • Tony Campbell  - Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and Drum Programming


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