Freddie Ravel


Freddie Ravel

Freddie Ravel, born as a son of an East-European father and a Colombian mother, grew up multiculturally. He speaks English and Spanish. His father brought him in contact with classical music, his mother familiarized him with South American popular music. So  his Hispanic heritage is easy to recognize in his music.

His heart beats for Smooth Jazz and Latin music. On his third album dominate these Latin American sounds without neglecting Smooth Jazz. 

"Finally the timing is perfect for the kind of music I most love to do," says Ravel. 

"The primal energy and infectious rhythms of the genre are so accepted that now, more than ever, I can focus on the drive, pulse, and elements of all the Latin music I grew up adoring—cumbia, tango, salsa, rumba, bolero, meringue, Baion and samba," he continues.

 "I’ve been writing songs with Spanish lyrics for a long time and had experimented with these rhythmic schemes, but for this album I didn’t have to ask myself, ‘Will people get
it?’ They’re getting it."

Freddie's music is born out of his personal feelings and memories. It's part of his personality. To create an album of high professionalism he assembled the who is who in music buzz:  The guitarists Marc Antoine, Michael O'Neill or Peter White the bassist Verdine White and the guitarist Al McKay of Earth, Wind and Fire, the percussionist Rafael Padilla of the legendary Miami Sound Machine, the guitars-duo Strunz & Farah or the saxophonist Eric Marienthal. 

Echo De Amor introduces into Spanish music with Flamenco structure and instrumenation, rised to a contemporary level. Marc Antoine, who has released the same kind of music, is the perfect choice to play in a tense Spanish atmosphere in a modern interpretation.

Samba Mundial, a reminescenze to Brasilian carnival, is cooking your blood. Rafael Padilla 's hot rhythm arrangement with a rich assortement of timbales, congas and what else is sounding under South American sky and the In & Out Horns, blasting the hell out of their lungs, Michael O'Neill's distortion guitar in extasy and finally Freddie 's magic piano runnings are concocting a furious Salsa pot. This is the heart of Brazil!

The next tune Sunny Side Up will brighten up the mood of all Smooth Jazz fans. Freddie, excellently accompanied by the heroes of EWF Al McKay and Verdine White, is relaxing along in a grooving and easy way. Since the time of Maze and EWF I am addicted to this kind of tone sequences. "Music is so profound that I consider it to be the very fabric of the
universe. It is amazing that simple variations of pitch, frequency, and chordal structures can have such a profound universal power to make people jump for joy, feel melancholy, or create a sense of déjà vu—to bring our hearts back to a certain place and time,
Freddie ponders. I couldn't comment it better.

So after some joy some clouds in the romantic ballade Bolerino Bella: Peter White, the master of guitar, touchs cautiously and perceptively the strings of his guitar. This contemplative melody is destinated for melancholical moments.

More Latin feelings in Love Is In The Air ... When You Aware. Freddie showcases his talent as a singer in this tune with a splash of Santana and Tito Puente-groove. The same tune is also to hear on this album in a Spanish version (Da Me La Razon).

Conversations is a wonderful Smooth Jazz interruption. Peter White shines with his Spanish Guitar flavor.

Piano Sensual is anew a slowtempo piano piece with sensible piano runnings. Freddie imitates some typical phrases of a gypsy-violinist.

Dame Tu Calor is a tune, well-known by Freddie's Freddie called his album Dreams In Progress. Now his dream is fullfilled. This Spanish Mambo shows up anew Freddie's silky vocals professionally accompanied by the masterly guitar-sprints of the duo Strunz & Farah and the blazing horn-riffs of The In & Out Horns.

Summerplay is the tune of Eric Marienthal's sensual sax. Freddie uses this piece undertaking to proove impressively his virtuosity. 

Final curtain is a second version of Echo De Amor. This time it's a duet of piano and guitar, Freddie and Marc Antoine. Flamenco pure and unadulterated.

"If I’ve played music that brings people joy, I think I’ve done my job."

Well-done, Freddie!





The musicians:
  • Freddie Ravel - Piano, Electric Piano, Sythesizers, Drum Programming, Lead Vocal
  • Marc Antoine - Acoustic Guitars
  • Larry Antonino - Bass
  • Michael O'Neill - Electric Guitars
  • Rafael Padilla - Percussion
  • Al McKay - Electric Guitar
  • Verdine White  - Bass
  • Peter White  - Acoustic Guitar
  • Jimmy Earl - Bass
  • Tris Imboden - Drums
  • Julian Miranda  - Background Vocals
  • Ardeshir Farah - Acoustic Guitar
  • Jorge Strunz - Acoustic Guitar
  • Hussain Jiffry - Bass
  • Thania Sanchez - Background Vocals
  • Kenny O'Brian - Background Vocals
  • Eric Marienthal - Saxophone
  • The In & Out Horns
    • Jon Papenbrock - Lead Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
    • Ralf Rickert - Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
    • Eric Jorgensen - Trombone
    • Vince Denham - Tenor Saxophone
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