From a Swedish musician like Mattias Roos you rather expect a cool breeze, but this time he takes us to the hot Colombia with Cali Dreaming (2022). The collaboration and promotion by the agile musical genius U-Nam grants the new project the necessary boost to have a say in the smooth jazz charts.

In the production of the album has participated a colorful mixture of Swedish and American musicians as can be seen from the credits. Consequently, Mattias produced, arranged and mixed the album. Nearly all songs come from his pen and he also calls the tune in the musical realization.

With the title song Mattias opens his song collection, which leaves a refreshing impression. The young sax player Jeff Ryan makes an excellent guest appearance. This remarkable ease continues in the following Fast Lane, in which Mattias shows off his brilliance on various keyboards. U-Nam adds some terrific riffs on his guitar.

Can You Feel the Love is heavily influenced by Dwayne "Smitty" Smith's bass. Gregor Hillman is pleasantly noticeable with his energetic performance of sax. Feels So Right comes across as distinctly casual. The rhythmic use of synth bass on Chillin on the Beach is strongly reminiscent of Jeff Lorber's style.

Sunset Breeze serves the usual ideas of sun, sea and a relaxing vacation and gives them the appropriate musical background. The piece Sunny Days also fits into this mood. Interpersonal relationships are not neglected in Mattias' work. My Love is the emotional centerpiece of this album.

The song You Might Need Somebody is probably best known in Randy Crawford's version. The instrumental realization by Mattias is also perfectly done. The successful conclusion of the album is Commercial Free, on which star producer and guitarist Paul Brown gives his best.

Mattias Roos meets with Cali Dreaming all the expectations that the smooth jazz community has these days for a highlight of this genre.








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Album Information

Title: Cali Dreaming
Artist: Mattias Roos
Year: 2022
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Skytown Records


1) "Cali Dreaming feat. Jeff Ryan" (3:55)
2) "Fast Lane feat. U-Nam" (3:34)
3) "Can You Feel the Love" (3:41)
4) "Feels So Right" (3:42)
5) "Chillin on the Beach" (3:34)
6) "Sunset Breeze" (5:00)
7) "Sunny Days" (3:53)
8) "My Love" (4:18)
9) "You Might Need Somebody" (3:41)
10) "Commercial Free feat. Paul Brown" (3:34)


Mattias Roos Piano, Rhodes, Keyboards, Programming & Editing.

Jeff Ryan Sax(1)

U-Nam Lead & Rhythm Guitars (2)

Gregor Hillman Sax (3)

Paul Brown Lead Guitar (10)

Dwayne "Smitty" Smith Bass (1,3&9)

Henrik Kniberg Bass (2&6)

Victor Persson Drums (1,3&6)

Peter Gustafsson Drums (2)

Johan Björklund Guitar (1&6)

Ingemar Aberg Guitar (3,6,8,9&10)

Johan Björklund Lead Guitar (6)