Paul Rozmus




On The Funky Side

Those, that believe, that the flute is an exotic instrument in the Smooth Jazz, go astray. From legendary artists like Hubert Laws and Tim Weisberg to contemporary artists like Jan Leder, Nestor Torres or Alexander Zonjic Smooth Jazz offers all variations of styles. Paul Rozmus and his funky flute should not be missing in this certainly incomplete enumeration.

His new album On The Funky Side is a bustling example of Paul 's versatility and virtuosity. "There are no boundaries in music", Paul states. He avoids the fault of many instrumental-players  to organize the album only on the leading instrument. Instrumental tracks are changing with vocal tracks keeping the interest of audience. All tracks are written and arranged by Paul himself.

No, No, No, ... Ok! attracts with a funky attitude. Paul isn't just blowing his flute but scats along like Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) in his best times. Jeff Kashiwa 's soprano sax adds some smoothness.

On the title track On The Funky Side Paul presents a second funky version of his rolling "rrrrrr",  a trademark of his instrumental art. Eric Essex kicks his guitar to funky slicks.

I Miss You is the first R & B break presenting Freddie Jackson' soulfoul voice in an awesome romantic love song. Do me again, Freddie!

Alligator Walk is another funky trip.

On Sunday Afternoon is a slow dreamy laidback tune with a warm feeling.

I don't lie, when I say RENATA is the central person in Paul's life. Both not only connect the love to music and the ability to express it in the right way. RENATA is Paul's wife and a fantastic singer too. Convince yourself by listening to Come To Me, a further impressing love song.

Sir Mitch is the next title and the name of a guitarist, who awakes curiosity and the wish to know more about him. Undoubtly one of these underrated players or an anonymous. Anyway a groover.

At 2 In The Morning is another rrrr-song, that means Paul let his "R" roll again. Tony Pastrana backs with his bongos in a strong-framed rhythm giving musicians like Eric Essix the opportunity to showcase their talents in numerous solos.

On Cool It Down, a slow thoughtful piece, Paul demonstrates a more tender expression of his flute play combined with soft keyboard tones. 

Rain Forest is another Eric Essex/ Paul Rozmus summit on this remarkable album with a hooking melody. 

RENATA breathes Let Me Love You Tonight, a midtempo R&B tune with a hard rhythm. 

Paul Rozmus ' flute music in combination with great names like Freddie Jackson, Jeff Kashiwa and Eric Essex will attract many Smooth Jazz radiostations to a constant radioplay and much more listeners to a quick choice.




The musicians:
  • Paul Rozmus - Flute, Keyboards & Drum Programming
  • Jeff Kashiwa - Soprano Sax (1)
  • David Johnson - Bass (1,2,4,8,9,10)
  • Wayne Christiano - Guitar (1,2,5)
  • Tony Pastrana - Percussion (1,8,10)
  • Eric Essix - Guitar (2,8,10)
  • Freddie Jackson - Vocals (3)
  • RENATA - Vocals (6,11) Background Vocals (3)
  • Qwen Mejia - Background Vocals (3)
  • Gary Walker - Background Vocals (3)
  • Robert Marshalek - Guitar (4)
  • Sir Mitch - Guitar (7)
  • Peter van Gorp - Guitar (10)
  • Bill Peterson  - Drums (10)


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