Jim Savitt



Hear & Now

The guitar is beside piano and saxophone still the most popular instrument in Smooth Jazz. Observing the stations charts of mp3.com one can often notice a preference for stations with guitar music. The same impression is to observed at the chart lists of Radio & Record or of Gavin (before their charts for Smooth Jazz came to a stop). Talking about guitar music, means talking about artists like Peter White, Ken Navarro, Ronny Jordan, George Benson or Marc Antoine. Let's add a new name to this list: Jim Savitt.

After his first self produced CD entitled "The Way Home" "Hear and Now" is his second chart-attack. I can promise you, this album has the quality for a hit. Listen to the album and you will be convinced too. 

SoHo is a quarter in London but also a laid-back starter. This midtempo tune represents all qualities of a radio-like piece. Jim combines perfectly guitar-riffs with airy keyboard sounds and a funky drumming, while David Mann adds some groovy sax-overdubbs.

On The Way presents the newcomer at Night Cast Records: Lenny Ward. Jim and Lenny play an energetic jam. It's difficult to say, if Jim is a better keyboardist or guitarplayer or drum-programmer. He masters all instruments in a perfect manner. Jim, the music is yours.

From The Heart starts with an awesome acoustic-guitar melody accompanied by David sensitive soprano sax. Sounds like a Spanish lullaby with a spicey hip-hop rhythm. Very intruiging indeed.

In The House is the best platform for Jim's and David's skillfull performance. Remarkable is the brass arrangement.

Empty Room combines smooth acoustic guitar sounds with an hard drum-machine rhythm.

Awakening is not necessary hearing this album. Jim succeeds in adding the next radio-like tune without sounding tedious.

Spanish flavor is the red line of this album shining at What Could Be. I only wish some more surprise, some more changing between the styles or the instruments.

Looking Back continues this Spanish mood using acoustic guitar playing in the Flamenco style. Pleasant and smooth.

Uptempo and optimistic sounds the following This Tune. Interesting the tablas solo. Jim should have the prowess for a longer guitar solo.

Without You is a slow very melodious acoustic guitar tune with a captivating intro.

Was It You and So Long are further tracks with the same instrumentation in the same style.

Jim Savitt proves with this album his great instrumental mastership and his potential as a composer and arranger. This album will certainly be a great visit-card to get more contacts to other musicians.  Gaining more ideas and impulses are always an advantage.





The musicians:
  • Jim Savitt -  Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programming
  • David Mann -Tenor Sax, Keyboards, Drum Programming (1,3,4,6)
  • Lanny Ward - Tenor and Soprano Sax (2,8)
  • Nkossi Konda - Keyboards (5)
  • Rob Rolling - Acoustic Guitar (10)
  • Ned Mann - Fretless Bass (10)
  • Rich Morrero -Percussion (10)
  • Even Steven Levee - Bass (11,12)


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