Keyboardist Oli Silk describes himself as a smooth jazz ambassador. A title he rightly bears, as he has performed at numerous smooth jazz events as a main act or accompanying musician.

To date, he has released six solo albums on the Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records label: So Many Ways - (2006), The Limit's The Sky - (2008), All We Need - (2010), Razor Sharp Brit - (2013), Where I Left Off - (2016) and 6 - (2020). His new album In Real Life will be released this month.

The following musicians supported Oli Silk during the recording: Westley Joseph (drums), Orefo Orakwue (bass), Mark James (guitar), Curtis McCain (percussion), Ilya Serov (trumpet), Rebecca Jade (vocals), Marcus Anderson (sax), PJ Spraggins (drums), Gary Honor (flute), Kim Scott (flute), Jordan Rose (drums), Carl Cox (sax) and Shannon Sangindiva Pearson. 

The album opens with Dare To Dream, a flair of Maze is in the air. Oli dares to dream big with a sound based on the past and longing to the future. First class music at its best.

On Wait .. What? he is accompanied by Orefo Orakwue (bass) and Mark Jaimes (guitar). A trio that has set the air on fire countless times at Pizza Express, London. Oli pulls out all the stops on his keyboard instrument and sets the right mood.

Russian born and LA based trumpet player Ilya Serov is the featured star on New Horizons. He is like Oli since several years guest artist on Dave Koze and Friends at Sea Jazz Cruise.

Rebecca Jade, who has supported Elton John and Sheila E., among others, as a background singer, presents herself in a beautiful love ballad. Looking Glass explores the unpredictability of a love affair that nevertheless survives the changing times.

The high-energy Grass-Fed Funk features saxplayer Marcus Anderson in a groovy environement. We experience picturesque West Beach to the sounds of Oli Silk and Mark James.

Flutist Kim Scott has become an integral part of the smooth jazz scene. Silk sets the stage for her with Actually Actually.

Shannon Sangindiva Pearson is better known as a backing singer for Natalie Cole, George Duke, Stanley Clark, Al Jarreau, and many more. On the title track In Real Life, she plays the leading role alongside Oli Silk in a love song in which love is not a dream.

On the fast-paced Slim City Silk celebrates all kind of keyboard sounds which he skillfully combines to create a funk-oriented acoustic collage. The album ends with the vibrant A Lil' Pick Me Up featuring saxophonist Carl Cox.

Oli Silk's new album In Real Life is a hallmark of a successful smooth jazz record transporting listeners to a world of melodic bliss and leaving a lasting impression with its musical artistry.






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Album Information

Title: In Real Life
Artist: Oli Silk
Year: 2024
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin N Rhythm Records


1) "Dare To Dream" (4:52)
2) "Wait..What" (3:17)
3) "New Horizons feat. Ilya Serov" (6:12)
4) "Looking Glass feat. Rebecca Jade" (4:27)
5) "Grass-Fed Funk feat. Marcus Anderson" (5:06)
6) "West Beach" (5:01)
7) "Actually Actually feat. Kim Scott" (4:12)
8) "In Real Life" (6:37)
9) "Slim City" (4:30)
10) "A Lil' Pick Me Up feat. Carl Cox" (4:40)